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EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER-1973-04-10-Ludwigshafen, Friedrich Ebert Halle-- Great Audience from Masterreel!--

Friends, here´s the only ELP show I ever saw, luckilly recorded in great quality to reel,by our famous taper Heribert B.!
The master reel has some occasional SLIGHT tape knitter on the first tracks only, but the sound in General is great!

Listening to this show again, after such a long time reminded me,
that the middle part (tracks 7-10) of this show, is very special!
This piano jam with bass & drums, hardly could have been played better in the great days of The NICE & Lake´s songs are plain beautiful!
The rest of the show is sure also a great & unusual performance!

02-Abbadon's Bolero
03-Karn Evil 9
04-Jeremy Bender/the Sheriff
07-Take a Peeble
08-Still You Turn Me On/You Can Sing My Song
09-Lucky Man
10-Piano Solo/Take a Pebble rprise(Full Band version)

02-Pictures At an Exhibition
04-Toccata/drum solo/Rondo'69
TT: 118 mins

Keith Emerson: voc., keyb, piano
Greg Lake:voc, b, acc. g, el. g.
Carl Palmer: dr

Lineage: Master Reel-Revox B77 MK2-EQ-PDR-05-EAC-Flac
Transferred, mastered & uploaded to Dime by Doc Tinker in Oct. 2006!

Enjoy this great piece of ELP History!!

There is added artwork in the folder just not this version's.
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