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LDB Master Series #424

Welcome to my Master Series which started way back in November 2005. This series is only about masters, concerts I
recorded myself either from audience or from radio/TV broadcasts. Occasionally I could also share masters that have been kindly given to me by many friends and fellow tapers I have been meeting during my long career of live taping.

I have stopped seeding my masters after volume 400 about three years ago and since then I have shared just a few,
mostly to address requests from friends. I have not stopped recording shows, though, so there is quite an impressive
amount of files from my recordings that are yet uncirculated.

I have taken the liberty to look at those uncirculated masters and selected ten which I thought were special for some reasons.
They will be seeded over here. Hope you will enjoy them!

Verona, Arena
September 26, 1992

01.Intro / Karn Evil n°9
02.Tarkus (excerpts)
04.Paper Blood
05.Black Moon
06.Close to Home
07.Creole Dance
08.From the Beginning
09.Still...You Turn Me On
10.Lucky Man
11.Honky Tonk Train Blues
12.Romeo and Juliet
14.Pictures at an Exhibition
15.Fanfare for the Common Man /
16.America /
17.Rondo / Dance of the Bumble Bee / Fanfare for the Common Man (reprise)

TT 107:21

Lineage: Aiwa microphone CM-30a > Sony Professional WM-D3 > Tape > Aiwa Tape Deck AD-WX828 > Audigy Soundblaster > HD >
SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Keith Emerson - keyboards
Greg Lake - vocals, bass, guitars
Carl Palmer - drums, percussions

When I travelled to Verona to see EL&P for the first time in my life, I was told that it was going to be the first show of the european tour. Then I looked in the tour history when was the last time the band had played in Europe and
I was extremely surprised to find that it was an awful long time before: June 2nd, 1974 in Hamburg Germany. So after 18 long years, EL&P came back to play over here, in the marvellous scenario of the roman arena in Verona.

I remember a packed arena when we entered. There was great expectations for a band that had not played Italy since May 1973 and almost nobody had seen the band live. One hour before the show the mixing deck collapsed and they had to replace the table where it was located. But then everything was fixed and the show begun at 9 PM sharp.

It was a stunning show, setlist was EL&P classic at its best with a couple of new numbers. The band was completely on fire and quite glad they came back to play the old classics together after two experimental albums (EL&Powell and The Power of Three).

I liked so much the concert that I saw the band three more times: first at Royal Albert Hall, then in Turin and Milan during october & november 1992 with Milan being filmed by VideoMusic TV channel.

So this is an absolute first from my master series. Soundwise this is very nice since this was an outdoor show and the roman arena has excellent sound. I am sure you will enjoy this one.


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