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Elton John & Billy Joel
Face 2 Face Tour
Fargo Dome
Fargo, North Dakota
2 May 2009

Disc One
1. Intro
2. Your Song
3. Just The Way You Are
4. Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me
5. My Life
6. Funeral For A Friend
7. Love Lies Bleeding
8. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
9. Burn Down The Mission
10. Madman Across The Water
11. Tiny Dancer
12. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
13. Daniel

Disc Two
1. Rocket Man
2. Levon
3. I'm Still Standing
4. Crocodile Rock
5. Angry Young Man
6. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
7. Allentown
8. Zanzibar
9. Don't Ask Me Why
10. She's Always A Woman
11. Italian Restaurant

Disc Three
1. The River Of Dreams
2. We Didn't Start The Fire
3. Only Rock And Roll To Me
4. Only The Good Die Young
5. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
6. Uptown Girl
7. Bitch Is Back
8. You May Be Right
9. Benny And The Jets
10. Birthday
11. Back In The USSR
12. Candle In The Wind
13. Piano Man

Lineage: Core Sound Stealthy Cardioid mics>Edirol R-09>Scan Disc 8GB SDHC card>
48k/24 to 44.1k/16 with Audacity>track split with CD Wave editor>conversion to flac with Flac Frontend>you

Seat location: on the floor, 17th row from stage, 6 seats to the right of dead center

MD5 included for each disc
artwork included
Personal rating: 5+ (range 1-6)

the review from the Billy Joel website says it all:
"I knew even before we got into the Dome that this was gonna be a great show-there were 12 semis and 10 tour buses in the loading dock. Unless Pink Floyd is coming to town, you usually don't see this many production & touring vehicles all in one venue.

The sound was pefect and the light show was nothing short of spectacular. What else would you expect from Elton John & Billy Joel. My estimation is there was more than a million dollars worth of lighting alone, not to mention the sound & multimedia systems they used.

Elton was great, but I think Billy stole the show by warming up the crowd with his good-natured humor and jokes and ad-lib. He introduced all his bandmates one at a time after each song. My favorite song was River of Dreams, where, mid-song, he inseted a rockin' tune about the Fargo sandbaggers- before finishing River of Dreams. This guy can still ROCK, he still "has it"! Amazed me how fast he can still play those keys! Also liked Elton's 15 minute version of Rocket Man (Awesome use of the echoplex!!!) The best damn show I've gotten to see in a LONG time!!!! WORTH the money-and who knows if we'll ever get to see these guys again!!!
A legendary concert at the Fargodome."

Enjoy and share the music!

Recorded and torrented by Musicfinder
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