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Elton John Bread and Beer Band - 1969 - Unreleased Studio Tracks
(Studio FLAC)

Bread and Beer Band
Unreleased Studio Tracks

Lineage: Unknown>CDR>FLAC8
Received in trade.

Tony King
Bernie Calvert
Roger Pope
Caleb Quaye
Lennox Jackson
Reg Dwight (Elton John)

01 - Woolly Bully
02 - Mellow Yellow
03 - If I Were A Carpenter
04 - Zorba The Greek
05 - The Letter
06 - Quick Joey Small
07 - Needles And Pins
08 - God Knows (A Bit Of Freedom)
09 - Billy's Bag
10 - Last Night

According to the book "Rocket Man- Elton John From A-Z" the Bread and Beer Band was a group of England's best studio musicians, formed by Tony King (a record producer and assistant at Apple Records). The band included Tony King, Bernie Calvert of the Hollies, Roger Pope and Caleb Quaye of Hookfoot (and Elton John's late 70's band), Jamaican percussionists Lennox Jackson and Rolfo, and Reg Dwight (later known as Elton John). This instrumental album was recorded during sessions in 1968 and 1969 and included Chris Thomas as a producer. This album was never released and featured psychedelic jazz interpretations of earlier hits. Elton John played harpsichord on "If I Were a Carpenter" and electric and acoustic piano on the other tracks. As I previously noted, this album was never released (although a couple of tracks from these sessions were, but aren't included here) and Tony King gave the master tapes to Elton as a 1976 birthday gift.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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