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Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles
19 November 1977

01. Welcome To The Working Week
02. Blame It On Cain
03. Waiting For The End Of The World
04. Night Rally
05. This Year's Girl
06. Less Than Zero
07. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
08. Lipstick Vogue
09. Watching The Detectives
10. Miracle Man
11. You Belong To Me
12. Mystery Dance

40 years 0n -
The second night of The Attractions stint at the Whisky in L.A. and a very different setlist compared to the first night. At the end of Welcome To The Working Week there are a few microseconds which, imho, are the starting guitar chords for (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes but may also be another song so I would have some doubts as to the authenticity of this as a complete aural document of the gig - but after all this time, what the hell !!
Waiting For The End Of The World shows a development in its arrangement with a far more menacing unison riff from both Elvis and Bruce and Steve's keyboards take on the familiar figures that were later heard on the El Mocambo recording from March 1978. This Year's Girl also makes a rare appearance with an intro by Elvis which would change considerably by the time This Year's Model was recorded.
One slight glitch in Miracle Man but otherwise a pretty standard audience recording from this time.
There are no reviews that I can find of this gig but the support band the (nearly) all female Backstage Pass have some interesting anecdotes and coverage of this period in L.A. and can be traced back from the Elvis Costello wiki or at -
Women in L.A. Punk Archives — Alice Bag
My source for this was a long ago traded cassette which came to me with a very Gothic hand-written script for the track listing on the card cover and a photocopied picture of Elvis circa 1979 ( a picture used on the Bethlehem 1979 bootleg ) which would suggest it is probably quite a high generation copy, though there's nothing to suggest it's any worse or better than some of the U.K. shows previously put up here.
Lineage : Unknown recording device > TDK SA Chrome cassette> Sony TC WE475 cassette player > Sony CD Recorder W100> EAC >Nero 8 for song separation >FLAC


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