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Emerson, Lake & Powell
Space Gospel
The 1985 Unreleased Studio Demos
48 Minutes
Sound Quality B+
Artwork Included

1. Back On The Road #1 (The Score)
2. Hooligan
3. Space Gospel (Intro Only)
4. Space Gospel
5. Hooligan #2
6. Serious Pursuit #1
7. Bites The Bullet (Vacant Posession)
8. Serious Pursuit #2
9. Back On The Road #2 (The Score)
10. Learning To Fly
11. Lay Down Your Guns
12. Learning To Fly (no vocals)
13. Lay Down Your Guns (no vocals)

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Some additional information that I have saved some 10 years ago :

1. BACK ON THE ROAD #1 - This is an early version of "The Score". Parts are
just being developed at this stage. Part 2 follows later in the CD.

2. HOOLIGAN - This is interesting - real potential in this to have
developed into a finished piece, perhaps.

3. SPACE GOSPEL (intro only) - A nice organ prelude-type of piece. Similar
in style to one of the tracks from "Inferno."

4. SPACE GOSPEL - The full piece, including intro.

5. HOOLIGAN #2 - There is some guitar on this version.


7. BITES THE BULLET (vacant possession) - This is with Greg doing a "guide
vocal." The lyrics weren't complete at this point, as he scats a bit during
the (?) bridge section.


9. BACK ON THE ROAD #2. - More of "The Score". This is from different
sections of the song. You can hear parts that would make it to the final
version, in their infancy. Cozy's drumming hadn't developed to the final
version yet, and the drumming style is more of time keeping, rather than adding
distinctive parts for the music.

10. LEARNING TO FLY (demo with Greg Lake) - Most of the keyboard parts are
developed at this point, although the drums/rhythm section are quite different.

11. LAY DOWN YOUR GUNS (demo with Greg Lake) - Very heavy/deep reverb sound
on this, in keeping with the final version.

12. LEARNING TO FLY (demo, instrumental version) - Almost like 10 without
the lyrics. The mix is a bit different.

13. LAY DOWN YOUR GUNS (demo, instrumental version). - Almost like 11 without
lyrics. Again the mix is a little different.
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