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Here is a collection of demos...most are from the "Animals With Human Intelligence" era. I rounded out the set with various demos and b-sdes. Sound quality varies from track to track but overall it's a good listen, especially for die-hard EZN fans.

Track Listing:

1 Love Train (alt mix)
2 Bring it on home (alt mix)
3 We're All Alright (alt mix)
4 Takin' A Ride (Demo)
5 Rainy Day (Demo)
6 Innocence (Demo)
7 Vacant Love (alt mix)
8 Ball & Chain
9 Bang On (Demo)
10 The Feel
11 This Guy Can't Live Without Your Love
12 Outer Space (Last Song recorded With Ricky Parent)
13 Run For Your Life (Beatles Cover
14 Green Tinted Sixties Mind (Mr. Big Cover)
15 Roll Away
16 Yankee Rose (David Lee Roth Cover) - Chip Z'Nuff Lead Vocal
17 She Sells Sanctuary (Cult Cover)
18 Fingertips (B-side)
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