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Hey i bought an Epiphone les paul standard a few years back and although it feels good to play i just hate the weight of it and decided it was time to get a new guitar.

I've been looking around both on the internet and local shops and I've seen a used mexican Fender Telecaster for only £300 it is older than my Les Paul and has a bit more marks on the body. I was thinking about trading my Les Paul in for the Telecaster and wondered if i could get some advice on trading and if it is the right choice. My guitar is in good condition a few minor blemishes no dents or anything major i know its hard but any idea what its worth?

I play mainly post-hardcore/alternative rock and im not sure if the transition from humbuckers to single coils would suit me but playing the heavy guitar is not very good for gigs.

Due to being left-handed deals such as this one are rare and i don't want to miss out on a good deal i just wanted outside opinions to know this is the deal to go for any advice would be great.
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