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Eric Burdon/Alvin Lee

Best Of The British Blues Tour
Ventura Theatre
Ventura, Ca

Uncirculated Dat aud. Recorded @ 48 kHz/16 bit.
Taped by BouldernBun/Highdesert/Mike Lee
10 ft from stage center table.

Recorder : Sony D7. Mic : Sony Ecm 959A.
Transfer : Tascam DA 40, Soundblaster Elite Pro, hard drive
Post production : Sound Forge adjust vol and Sony ExpressFX audio restoration click
(sharp clap) removal. Sound Forge 7.0 bass roll off, resample.

This is a long forgotten tour and tape. Best of the British Blues tour sold very poorly.
I don't see a thing on e-tree and have never seen anything from this tour turn up anywhere.
I not even sure the tour got through all it's dates before the plug was pulled. A shame.
I remember a Japanese couple sitted next to us who had flown in specifically for this show,
even more specifically, for Alvin Lee. Alvin played wearing a forearm cast (which probably
contributed further to the tours difficulties). During EB That Same Thing I did something
(probably hit pause for a second) for a goober. There is way to much aud noise (from all 50 people there) for my liking
but what actually killed this tape was the clapping. A moderate swipe at the matter
with Sony ExpressFX audio restoration really saved the day. It was applied to make the clapping background rather than to eliminate,
affecting the master the least. Missed the 1st few seconds of
the EB/Alvin Lee Bands instrumental intro to the evening and missed most of the openers Ashford/Gordon.
Other than all that this tape is actually pretty hard to beat. Pretty sure a little more EQ would go
a real long way here. But hey, it's Boz Burrell and I don't feel like toning
bass boy down. Moments like those demanded a Sony ECM 959A :) Also, I was tempted to edit
out a caustic comment I made about EB's bands recent to this show. But that is how I felt
that night and listening to this again I'd confirm the band kicked EB's other time period bands
in the ass. Also the band stayed at the same place as DW and I. So...Nice job by all under difficult circumstances.
If you are into any of these guys , you want this. I'm pretty shocked at how well this turned out
after writing it off 19 years ago. Some great performances to be found in here. Enjoy!

Setlist ( Approx ..mostly taken from 19 year old notes) This wav/flac file has not been edited for tracks. If you break it down
track by track this is approx how it is going to look. Runtime 2 hours 6 minutes. End cd 1, start cd 2, end of Boom Boom.


#1 / cut

British Blues Band
Boz Burrell - Bass
Aynsley Dunbar - Drums
Tim Hinkley - Keyboards
Mick Moody - Guitar

#4 British Blues Band / cut
#5 British Blues Band
#6 British Blues Band
#7 British Blues Band

Eric Burdon

That Same Thing
16 Tons
GTO or This shit smokes
Bring It On Home
Boom Boom

Alvin Lee

Keep On Rockin
Long Legs
Hear Me Calling
Slow Blues In C
I Don't give A damn
Love Like A Man
Going Home
Choo Choo Mama

Alvin Lee & Eric Burdon

Rock It Up
Please Love Love Me
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Hail Hail Rock And Roll

Do not covert to lossy. Do not sell. Do not upload to other trackers. Do enjoy.

48b4112a0311584c642454ed8d0ad670 *Eric Burdon Alvin Lee Best Of The British Blues 1996-05-18 Ventura Ca Aud Dat Master Planet Rock.flac

dalmar6677-Eric Burdon Alvin Lee Best Of The British Blues Ventura Ca 1996-05-18 Flac.rar - FileFactory

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Thanks for sharing this rare show!
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