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*** Note ***

Sorry for the intteruption of the earlier version of this torrent. Administration requested that my earlier version of this torrent be split into two files as some bt clients have trouble with torrents in excess of 100 files. I have therefore split the music and the video/pix into two separate torrents. Those who had already started this download but were interrupted, may resume by follwing these instructions as stated to me by the admin.

"downloaders who had been on the original torrent should direct their downloads [of the new "video Clips and Photo's" folder to be inside the "Eric Clapton @ MSG - September 29, 2006" folder (where a "Video Clips & Photo's" folder is already waiting)."

If this dosn't work for you, don't ask me what to do ... I don't know. Direct your requests for help to the person who told me to do it this way, "[email protected]"

Eric Clapton -
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
September 29, 2006

I am speechless .... CLAPTON IS GOD!!!

Recorded by TaperAdvocat from the left rear corner of the soundboard, on the 5th row of the
riser, directly in front of the left stack, way in the back of the floor of MSG where the Grateful
Dead used to keep it's taper section. "Had one of those flashes ... I'd been there before." ;-)

Source Info: Schoeps CCM4's > SD744T > firewire to hard drive of dedicated music only
computer > Bit Conversion and re-sampled with Sound Forge 7.0 > indexed in Sound Forge 4.5
> CD set up with CD Architect 4.5 > CD burned with CD Architect 5.0 onto Mitsui Gold CD >
Extracted to Internet Capable Computer with EAC > FLAC.

.mpg Video clips & .jpg Photo's made with handheld Sony DSC-T5, 5 megapixel, credit card
sized pocket camera, right from where I was sitting in the back of the floor. It's a new camera
for me and I am learning how to use it. Video came out better than most photo's, I was
experimenting with settings. Captured 98% of Wonderful Tonight (missed about the first five
seconds) & 100% of Layla > Cocaine, with many other great clips throughout the evening.

Hope you all enjoy this recording as much as I do. PLAY IT AS LOUDLY AS YOU CAN!!!
Please let me know what you think. And most importantly, share it freely with your loved ones
and friends.

May those who try to sell or otherwise profit from my recording be cursed with all the bad karma
that you justly deserve. This means you Middle Valley, VGP & all you other scum sucking
bootleggers who profit from my recordings. We will find you and we will put you out of



Robert Cray's Setlist:

Intro >
Phone Booth
Poor Johnny
12 Year Old Boy
Bad Influence
I'm Walkin'

Rober Cray - Guitar & Vocals
Kevin Hayes - Drums
Karl Sevareid - Bass
Jim Pugh - Keyboards


Eric Clapton's Set List:


Pretending >
I Shot The Sheriff >
Got To Get Better In A Little While
Old Love (with Robert Cray)
Everybody Oughta Make A Change >
Motherless Children

sit down acoustic set
Back Home
I Am Yours
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Running On Faith

After Midnight >
Little Queen Of Spades
Further On Up The Road
Wonderful Tonight
Layla >
Crossroads (with Robert Cray)

Eric Clapton - Guitar & Vocals
Derek Trucks - Guitar
Doyle Bramhall, II - Guitar
Steve Jordan - Drums
Willie Weeks - Bass
Tim Carmon - Keyboards
Chris Stainton - Keyboards
Michelle John - Vocals
Sharon White - Vocals

Special Guest:
Robert Cray - Guitar & Vocals

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