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whoa, i mised this and anything by/with eric gales hasn't disappointed me.
he's in nearly every hendrix tribute i've heard of, but he's NOT just 'imitator'.

plus i have heard good things about kenny olsen too in spite of his kid rock connection...i wish this was more of this show however.
tho whoever was doing the 'vocal' on 'who knows' (uncredited) sure as hell sounded greazzed to the gills. mighta ruined the show, that guy.

fwiw, i just discovered eric gales' big brother manuel gales, more known by his stage name of little jimmy king - holy shit what a player! a bit more straight blues but with a serious intensity. unfortunately in 2002 he had a heart atack at 32 - and no more little jimmy, dammit.

thanks for the show GTJohn!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts