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My first post. Eric has done Austin City Limits 4 times. This was his first. In 1985, Eric's solo debut "Tones" was due to be released in 5 months. The album would get a lot of coverage in the guitar magazines but really did not sell much at all. Ah Via Musicom would be his breakthrough 5 years later.

The quality of the audio is not as good as I would have hoped. I transfered it from vhs. I have looked for years and never found any version of this show on the internet.

Eric Johnson
Austin City LImits
March 1985

1 soulful terrain
2 bristol shore
3 tribute to jerry reed
4 tell her i'm sorry (rob alexander vocal)
5 manhattan
6 cliffs of dover

eric johnson - guitar, vocals
rob alexander - bass, vocals
tommy taylor - drums

This show was taped a few months before Tones was released (Soulful Terrain and Bristol Shore appeared on that album). Cliffs of Dover and Manhattan would not appear until Ah Via Musicom in 1990. I am not aware of Tribute to Jerry Reed and Tell Her I'm Sorry ever appearing on any album.

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