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Hey everyone! Just thought I would share this (and rub it in slightly...). Eric Johnson is playing here in Dallas at the Granada (awesome place to see a band). As most of you know I have recently started a new gig at a music company and I have pulled my first string here!

I aksed our Fender buyer if he could help me get tickets. He did and me and a buddy are going for free! Very cool! However, it gets better...:woot:

We may also get to have backstage passes and do a meet n greet with Eric! We won't actually know until we pick up our tickets whether or not they will also include backstage passes, but the possibility is pretty exciting!

I actually have met MR. Johnson many years ago while in college and got his autograph on my guitar. I also have an autographed copy of Venus Isle. Becasue of this and because I am an incredible friend :smirk: , if presented with an autograph opportunity, I am going to get something signed for WIP5150. Most of you know he is an EJ nut and he would really appreciate the signature. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably get something for myself too, but I'll get his signed first!

Anyway, I'll report back after Saturday!
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