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Hello All,

I'm trying to do some catching up on shows I've all but lost on the external hard drives/PCs through the last few years. Thankfully, I have a long ways to go :) Also, and thankfully again, I found a terribly labeled folder with a few shows I've recorded in the last few years.


Artist: Evanescence
Title: Family Values Tour: Dallas 2007
Date: August 18th, 2007
City/State: Dallas, TX
Venue: Smirnoff Music Centre
Lineage: Sony MZ-R70 Mini Disc Recorder with Sony ECM-MS907 external/directional microphone (using 90° setting) > PC (in lossless wav format) > tracked w/ CD Wave Editor > converted to mp3 @ 192 kbps > Megaupload

01 opening music
02 Weight of the World
03 Sweet Sacrifice
04 Going Under
05 You're Not the Only One
06 Taking Over Me
07 People Are Strange (The Doors song)
08 Lithium
09 Whisper
10 Call Me When You're Sober
11 Imaginary
12 Bring Me To Life
13 Haunted
14 Lacrymosa
15 Your Star

I've been looking for this show for some time, and thankfully I came across the folder/storage where I had it and a few other shows I recorded (Evanescence 2006, Deep Purple 2007, Heart 2008, Journey 2008, Robin Trower 2009, etc) and plan to upload.

I've said this before, but I'm gonna say it again :) I love Amy Lee's, the singer for Evanescence, voice. The girl has talent!

I usually like uploading things in the lossless format, but since my original wav file is one track and has not been edited, I'm uploading this mp3 version already tracked and with text (song titles, track numbers, etc) embedded. I know I must've had a wav format tracked already because I wouldn't have created mp3 tracks until the wav editing was done.

Oh well, I'm happy I found the master recording and the mp3 files were ready to go (already WinRAR'ed too).

Download Link :

I hope those who download it enjoy it...


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I really would like to enjoy this show...:)...but the link doesn't work (anymore?). Would be nice, if you could re-up it!
By the way, how is the audio quality?
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