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Every guitar you ever owned...which was your favorite, now with pics

Ok here is the challange...
1 make of list of every guitar you ever owned
2. * if you still own it
3. which was your favorite of all of them
4. Which one do you regret selling

Heritage CM150 les Paul 97 red sunburst, hands down tone for days and so solid It is the one pictured in the avitar

The Regret.....
2. Gibson Explorer 1984 white no pickguard alder body i was so stupid for selling this it sounded soooo good
Guitars (in order)
* 1. Harmony strat copy with an esp neck and converted
to a string through the body hardtail and emg's

2. Gibson Explorer 1984 white no pickguard alder body
3. Ibanez RG 770 1989 Laser Blue basswood body
4. Lotus "strat"
5. Fender Squire Strat black
6. B.C. Rich Warlock purple crackle Finish Floyd Rose
7. Ovation Celebrity 12 string
8. Peavey Tracer Red but stripped the paint to natural
Poplar body kahler Spyder trem
9. Ibanez Lawsuit Les paul Burgundy and emg's
10. Ibanez Universe 7 string White
*11. Gibson SG Standard Mid 80's White but stripped to
natural wood Broken 5 times Single EMG

12. Gibson les paul Custom Lite Pink

*13. Heritage CM150 les Paul 97 red sunburst

*14 Seagull S6 acoustic

15. Hamer double cutaway prs clone
16. PRS Custom 24 Rootbeer

*17. Epiphone ES 335 dot red

*18. Heritage CM150 les Paul Transparent Black

19. Charvel Model 6 neckthough red but stripped
natural floyd rose and emg's

*20. Dean boca semi hollow 12 string electric

*21. Gibson ES 335 block

*22. Aria Pro Les Paul copy black
*23. Ibanez roadster 2 black
*24. ESP George Lynch LTD stripped refinished Purple

*25. Fender Setneck FMT Telecaster

*26. Custom Snowblind Flying V
*27. Epiphone Gothic Explorer
*28. Custom Snowblind Mockingbird
29. Fender p Bass copy see though red
30. 3/4 scale fender Jazz copy fretless
31. Fender M2 4 sting bass
*32. Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray

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I'm tossed between my Gibson Les Paul and my Peavey Wolfgang. They both have their sweet spots. Don't make me chose between them.:stick:

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LOL! this thread should be fun.

1. Black Samick Strat
2. Washburn Classical C-20 *
3. Blue Jackson JS30
4. Blue Ibanex RG320FMTBL
5. Silver early 80's Ibanez RG570
6. G&L S-500 Premium *
7. Gray Brian Moore i9 *
8. Tobaccoburst Schecter C-1 Plus
9. Fernandes Hotrod Strat < only the neck was a fernandes, the rest i put together.
10. Black Jackson SL-2H *
11. Black Jackson DK-2 Reverse *
12. Black NYP Tele (heavily modded lol) *
13. Sunburst Mid 80's Aria Single Pickup Strat
14. Trans. Red Austin Strat
15. 1960's Vox Jazzmaster Lookalike *

Of all the ones ive gotten rid of, i miss that mid 80's rg 570. that thing was great, had a magic neck... stupid thing was so thin it was like playing a fretboard LOL.

Bummer to hear about your LP Xbigjimx. i hate it when you get rid od a good one. :cry:

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I seriously wouldnt have the mental power to try and remember every guitar I ever owned.

Playing for 16 years I have owned I would say at least 100 guitars in my life time.

Only one I regret getting rid of would be my Larrivee Acoustic. Even all my collector Ibanez guitars are replaceable that acoustic had MOJO..

Oh well..

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There is no way I could remember either. I move guitars about as frequently as people change socks. I regret selling an Epiphone Les Paul recently to make room for the non-existant Zakk Wylde guitars that were part of one of the best internet scam to date. I also had an Ibanez Destroyer recently that I loved except the trem sucked. It was a standard Ibanez locking trem, but to put a Kahler on there would have been around $350...

I also regret selling my Kramer Explorer which I had customized with chrome diamond plate. Sweet looks, and even sweeter tone :rock:

I have had many Fender strats, Epiphones, a Charvel I built from pieces on the internet, Kramers, OLPs, Hondos, Ibanez.

I have a custom Wayne on the way that will be staying with me for a while. Hopefully it will get here next week! I am getting itchy :D :D :D

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Small list, only regrets are the ones i don't buy.
1985 Ibanez roadstar II
1995 Ibanez RG450dx*
2005 ash standard Fender Telecaster*
2006 Agile LP 3000*
1981 Guild starfire IV*( in the mail )
1985 Fender Gemini IV*
2006 Larrivee OMV-9e*

Favourite is always the newest addition.

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ok i'm wierd but in 1973 when i was a sophmore in highschool i bought a brand new les paul cherry sunburst. it was the only electric guitar i owned and played every weekend in the bars untill 1998 when i bought a jackson dinky because the gibson was too heavy. two months ago i bought another dinky to use as a spare. i have owned 3 guitars in 33 years and i still have and play all three. of course the les paul is my favorite and i use it for recording. i use the dinkys in the bars now.

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I miss my Charvel, which I gave to my son for cutting his hair, lol. Although it's still in the house, I never get to play it anymore:(

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1. Hondo EVH replica (what a hunk of S!) =)
2. Dean Custom Z w/girls butt in panties graphic (not the queer custom zones they have now) =P
3. Jackson Fusion Pro (sold it to a co-werker, he ripped me off, long story)
4. Washburn WR120
5. Ibanez RG170R
6. Jackson PS-4 Rhodes
7. ESP EC50
8. BC Rich ASM
9. Jackson Kelly copy (crapola)
10. Peavey V-Type EXP
11. Dean MLX
12. Charvel Model 375
13. Washburn WE332 *
14. Dean Vendetta 4.0
15. Ibanez RG120 * (on ebay now)
15. Jackson RR3 Rhodes * (on its way)
16. Epiphone Zakk Wylde LP * (on its way)

My favorite so far is the Washburn I have now, The only one I havent It's the Dime model, BEFORE Dime actually put his name on the headstock, sounds, and plays killer..stock. The 2 I have coming may change things tho =)

The one I regret selling the most would be the Dean Custom Z. Back when I was about 18 or so ..sold it for dirt, so I could buy weed and booze ...stupid, stupid,stupid,stupid,stupid,stupid,stupid! Kick myself in the A** over and over for that.

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Here's my list :
1. Tokai AST50R Strat* - My only axe that I own and just bought. I love it!.
2. Ibanez S470DXQM
3. Ibanez SAS32FM
4. Ibanez SZ720FM
5. Ibanez 540 Radius
6. Starfield Altair Custom MIJ
7. Carvin DC (Not sure of actual model but was a H-S-H with Wilk trem and reverse pointy headstock)
8. Parker Fly Deluxe
9. Parker Fly Classic
10.Peavey Wolfgang Special QT (EXP)
11.Godin Detour
12.Godin Freeway Classic with Silverleaf top
13.Patrick Eggle Berlin Plus
14.Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro
15.Steinberger Spirit GU7R Custom with Internal Roland Synth Pickup

I think that's it.

I regret selling the Parker Fly Classic, Steinberger Spirit GU7 with Roland GK pickip & the Patrick Eggle.

Most favourite axe is actually my new Tokai (Don't know if its because its new but love the tone and playability, Wish I had gotten a strat ages ago as I think I would have stuck to them and not gone through so many axes and money wasted !!!).

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eamon7 said:
ok i'm wierd but in 1973 when i was a sophmore in highschool i bought a brand new les paul cherry sunburst. it was the only electric guitar i owned and played every weekend in the bars untill 1998 when i bought a jackson dinky because the gibson was too heavy. two months ago i bought another dinky to use as a spare. i have owned 3 guitars in 33 years and i still have and play all three. of course the les paul is my favorite and i use it for recording. i use the dinkys in the bars now.
just take it back!

sorry - wrong quote - I meant PG's post

kiss my axe
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ok here we go
as far as i can remember :)

fairmont les paul custom
unknown jazzmaster copy
hondoII star model
rockson superstrat
vester superstrat
vester reversed head stage series
squier strat (korea)
squier strat (china)
stagg vintage strat copy
squier pro tone fatstrat
butterscotch squier tele
ibanez rg270dx
washburn g8v
washburn tele model with humbuckers and floyd rose
washburn flying v
jackson jdr 94
gibson les paul studio
gibson les paul studio lite
fender stratplus de luxe (usa)
fender strat( korea)
epiphone les paul gothic
*epiphone zakk wylde custom
olp axis mm1
*ibanez rg7620
*ibanez sa 160qmt(i only own the body now lol)
ibanez ax series
*richwood strat copy
*aria pro II PE 1500 prototype

my fav is the aria pro PE1500

i regret selling most of the guitars in the list:crap: LOL

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lol..i totally forgot I owned an RG270DX also that I did't put on my list. Lets see how many times that happens. :) Thanks to Heineken for killing brain cells off. :beerbang:

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I remember them all!

1. Unknown acoustic (bought when 8 but too big to play)
2. Audition Top 20
3. Antoria Les Paul Copy
4. Fender Stratocaster USA 1978 (only made 'em there then I reckon)
5. Washburn A-30 (I think that's what it was...kinda like a Mockingbird shape)
6. Ibanez Iceman
7. Ibanez Paul Stanley autograph (feck knows why!)
8. Cairnes custom built Explorer
9. Gibson Melody Maker (1968)
10. Ibanez Flying Vee
11. Ibanez Roadstar (Gary Moore model)
12. Ibanez Roadstar (black and crap)
13. Charvel 5a?
14. Kramer Ferrington Acoustic
15. Kramer Telecaster Custom (black ala Mick Marrs)
16. Tokai Strat
17. Squier Strat (Japanese...still own)
18. Epiphone Les Paul Custom (black)
19. Jackson Phil Collen PC3
20. Epiphone Les Paul Custom (tobacco burst)
21. Peavey Wolfgang QT (Amber)
22. Kramer Baretta (Van Halen-ised by me)
23. Yamaha Classical (still own)
24. Ibanez Destroyer (candy apple red)
25. Kramer 8 string bass (aluminium neck job!)
26. Gibson Les Paul custom re-issue
27. Peavey Wolfgang Standard Goldtop (still own)
28. Jackson DKs with Sustainiac pickup
29. Ibanez RG470 ti
30. Levinson Blade Texas Deluxe (still own)
31. Applause electro-acoustic
32. Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster (Mexican...still owned)
33. Wesley snot green bass (still owned and awesome)
34. Dean bass

35. WILL be a EBMM Axis Supersport with piezo's


Best would be a toss between the Melodymaker and the Peavey Wolfgang Goldtop I still have.

Regret selling the white Iceman, the Gibson's and the 1978 Fender strat...wood finish with white pickplate and knobs...beautiful but not metal enough for my stupid head!)

Am holding onto the Fender 50th for a rainy day...never played, lives in the wardrobe.

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mcnach said:
:) My favorite guitar is... the next one!

Ok, seriously...

I owned:

Arirang strat copy (generic 80s japanese copy)
After pimping it substantially it was nice, but I wanted a real strat, so I sold it (at a loss, after I got a new neck, nice pickups, custom switching, etc... but at least it allowed me to practice and learn about guitar electronics and setups). Don't miss it.

Gordon Smith GS1 (British handmade)
Very very very nice guitar. Nicest neck and real woody tones... only one humbucker, but what humbucker! Sold it, 'though... didn't use it so much in teh end. NOt versatile enough.

Gordon Smith Graduate 60 (British handmade)
Sold it. Nice guitar, but too heavy on my shoulders. At the time I had injured my left shoulder and it was a pain (literally) to play.

Vulcan V (korean flying V style)
nice to play... but I don't get along with Vs. Sold it.

Kay Audition
Found it at a pawnshop, for pennies. I thought it looked cool as decoration. Horrible pickups and would never play in tune. Although theneck pickup sounded nice clean. Small body and ultra light, my girlfriend at the time loved it. Sold it for much more than I expected on eBay!

Yamaha AEX502 (nice P90 equipped semi)
Sold it today!
Very nice guitar, great sounds... those P90 pickups were so powerful, ballsy, yet creamy and mellow. However I didn't play it enough... the neck profile wasn't my favourite and I have another P90 guitar. I might miss this one...

Squier Telecaster (mid 80s Japanese, E-series)
This was a GREAT guitar. Wonderful neck. Wonderful sounds. Sold it, and sometimes I miss it... I don't have a tele anymore... I will eventually get another. I liked this one, and I tried a 68 Fender telecaster that was also great... I will look for another like either of these.

Ibanez RG548 (like a 570, but ash body, natural finish)
Great guitar to play, and great trem... (edge) but somehow, I never found the sounds inspiring enough (although installing an Evo at teh bridge helped). Sold it last year.

Yamaha Pacifica 112
Had this one for a while. Nice guitar, but pickups uninspiring and the neck was very flat and easy... yet I never completely liked it. Usd it as a synth controller for a short while, then sold it (with teh synth).

Fender Stratocaster Highway1
beautiful classic strat... but never found it inspiring enough... then a cheap strat copy (see below) blew me away and sold this one. Don't miss it one bit.

Vintage VRS110 (PRS copy)
Nice guitar... but I changed it for a newer version with better hardware, and a trem... (see below). The pickups were rather dull, 'though.

Yamaha APX4A (electroacoustic)
great electroacoustic... yet I barely played it... so I sold it.

Lyon by Washburn bass
my first bass. I bought it from the bassist in a band from Reading called Acoria. They were interesting live, with a crazy girl vocalist... The bass was not very good. Sold it to an Air Force guy who wanted to take it to Bahrain with him, and sent me a postcard from there saying he enjoyed playing it. Cool. I don't miss it.

Squier Precision de Luxe (P/J hybrid bass, Indonesian)
Much better sounds... but I didn't enjoy playing bass a lot until I found its replacement. Then I sold this one. NOt missed.

Now I own:

Fender Stratocaster (Sambora model, MIM, 50th anniversary)
This guitar stays with me forever. I altered teh wiring a bit... and it's my favourite guitar, the one I'll keep forever. Very versatile.

Vintage V6 (strat copy)
bridge before I set it up:
I sold my Highway1 strat when I found this. Amazing neck, incredible sounds... very "classic" strat... just great. The Fender above is a bit hotter than this, more "rock"... This one is just what a strat should be.

SX GG1-JR (Les Paul P90 copy, made in China)
This was a great discovery. Dead cheap, and what a guitar! When I set it up it's just amazing. I'm a sucker for P90 pickups, to start... and these ones are really good. Great guitar!

Vintage VRS100 (PRS copy)
Very Dave Navarro -like. Cheap, and some minor comsmetic defects... but pretty cool pickups, great neck, and it just feels perfect. The trem took a bit to adjust so that it'd stay in tune... but now I love it. A keeper.

And to end, my bass...

Vintage EJM96 (jazz bass copy)
This bass just feels great, and sounds amazing... since I had this I started playing bass more and more. Easy neck, great combination of sounds

... and that's me, for today ;-)

If anything, I miss the telecaster... but I'm pretty happy with the guitars I have right now.

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Well thats some lists to follow but here is my lot.

Been only playing just under 2 years (seriously playing for about 8 months)

1: Ibanez GRX70 [Black] (Sold as part-ex to my 2nd guitar)
2: Epiphone Les Paul Custom [Tobacco Sunburst] (sold cos i think the neck was warped. Got it professionally set up and still had problems with low E string)
3: Epiphone Les Paul Standard [Trans Blue]* (DR Pea**** Blue Strings)
4: Ibanez RG320FA [Wine Red]* (DR Red Devil Strings)
5: Fender Stratocaster (Squire Series Made In Mexico) [Black]* (DR Black Beauties)
6: Dean ML [Silver Sparkle]* (DR Extra Lifes)

Favourite is a tight one between the Dean ML & the Ibanez RG320FA (when I can keep the bloody thing in tune).
I think the Dean wins as there is something about that guitar that brings out the Dimebag in me and makes me want to play lots of very loud and heavy Metal!! :icon_head:jam::jam::icon_head

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I've had too many guitars too list but the one I miss the most is my old charvel that I sold to Pod God who gave it to his son. That is one awsome axe..
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