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Things You Should Know When You are Just Starting Out

Learning the guitar. Take as much time learning this instrument even before you purchase your first one. I recommend using youtube. Watch the videos daily, not all the content on youtube is good but allot of the information is useful. Learn the guitar "lango" Learn the terms, study the guitar how its made where it originally came from. I don't want to over load you but allot of information you can get on google. The point is you want to be mentally prepared for your new friend.

Next you want to understand guitar chords. This is crucial because just learning a few chords can be very rewarding. You can began playing songs in no time. 8 chords in particular you must know right from the beginning A major, C major, D major, E major, G major, A minor, D minor, and E minor. Learning these chords will put you ahead of your game.

Choosing an instrument. I always say in the beginning you want to get a bang for your buck. Quality but low cost. Don't go out to these big stores like Sam Ash or Guitar Center and have some guy recommend you a $500 guitar. You don't need to spend that much money when your just beginning. Try to keep a low budget keep in mind you are just starting so don't go blowing money. In all reality allot of the price difference has to do with the brands name not necessarily the quality all though their are some exceptions to that theory but for the most part its true. I recommend dealing with a company who has quality instruments just for beginners at unbelievable low cost. Royal Guitar. These guys have a list of instruments to choose from and I got my first second and third guitar from them. Not just cause the price is way cheaper than their competitors but the surprisingly good quality.

Guitar maintenance: Much like a car your new guitar must be maintained. Learn to change the strings, fine tune it every so often and if your using an electric keep the amp up to par. This is important because the better you keep your guitar the better it will serve you.

Last you want to learn guitar scales. Study the scale library. But most importantly besides all the technical brain power stuff just get on that guitar and play. Play play play enjoy yourself have fun get lost in the music. Most of the best guitarist self taught themselves and that was out of ridiculous practice and falling in love with music. Hope this has helped you. Have a blessed day.
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