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Not to down grade Ed ( hes my fav too). But thats actually pretty typical of his style of work. There was never much consitancy to his guitars, it was more of whatever works at the moment. But at the same time thats what he complained about with Larry Kramer and Dennis Berardi, inconsistant work and quality.
On the technical aspect its a matter of clearing the cavity for the truss rod. The top mounted ones are usually held on by short screws that pretty much hold the nut on and string tension does the rest. When its bolted through it also requires more CNC work on the neck and takes the time of 2 more holes,the cost of the bolts (mere pennies) . It also requires the neck to be milled just a lil different, with more space allowed for the nut. It also requires the nut to be milled and drilled somewhat different than a top mounted one.

It could also simply be a matter of using (Fender) necks that were made for a standard nut being modded for Floyd Rose nuts. Whatever was on hand at the time of production to meet the needs of that particular model.
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