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Septemer 18, 2018
San Francisco, CA

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The Slim's 30th anniversary Show

Fucking Exodus!

Shit sold out but stubhub came through at the last minute for less than face value!

Man this was an epic show, Exodus brought their A game and dug deep into their catalog
for some shit I had not heard live before! there was even a special guest!

Slims was running a week of shows for their 30th anniversary in buisness (one of the few san
francisco concert venues still standing after all these years fucking gentrification
and uppity neighbors are a bitch) but this was the show I had to go and tape.
Venue security earned hazard pay tonight as they were positioned at the edge of the pit!

Hatriot and Hatchet were the openers (not recorded I like Hatchet a lot so check them both out)

Sound is really good, I got some talkers but not too bad. Minor eq required

As always dont sell it share it "It's only a memory unless someone records it"!Wag3gRAQ!lHRdCp_Ke7vB4dM1RRWoyg
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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