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The latest of my remasters. A full description of this one is on the page linked below.

A bit of a rarity this one - originally an FM show from the Netherlands, this is Fad Gadget aka Frank Tovey, in a gig just after the release of his 4th Fad Gadget album.

Spent a fair bit of time with 30 band EQ on this to counteract the worst effects of the brickwall limiter that had been applied to the original. Its a very listenable gig now and not so tiring on the ears!

The link to the downloads, along with setlist etc is here:
Live and Loud!: Show 107 - Fad Gadget - Rotterdam Arena The Netherlands - 17 March 1984

As with all my shows, the links will not be dying anytime soon, so should still be around in a few years time (barring nuclear war or me dying, whichever comes first).
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