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Fairport Convention - 1996-10-19 - Santa Monica, CA
(Soundboard FLAC)

Fairport Convention
Date: October 10, 1996
Venue: McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA
Country: USA
Type: SBD

Soundboard - CDR Trade - Extracted and Converted to Flac With Sound Forge 11 - Metadata Edited With Winamp

Dave Pegg - Eletric Bass and Vocals
Maartin Allcock (R.I.P.) - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Ric Sanders - Fiddle
Simon Nicol - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

01. Slip Jigs and Reels
02. Woodworm Swing
03. Crazy Man Michael
04. There Once Was Love - Innstuck
05. Genesis Hall
06. Portmeirion
07. The Naked Highwayman
08. Mr. Sands Is In The Building
09. Frozen Man

01. Lalla Rookh
02. The Deserter
03. Foolish You
04. The Hiring Fair
05. Con Casey's Jig - Tripping Up The Stairs
06. Matty Groves
07. Dirty Linen

Total Running Time: 45m51s + 40m57s = 1h26m48s

This recording I got many centuries ago in the distant years 2000, when we make trades through the traditional mail, period of connections - at least here in Brazil - by dial up, with speeds that did not exceed 5 kB/s. This is one of my most favorite recordings, not only from the Fairport Convention but from all of my extensive collection. Phase of CDs Old New Borrowed Blue and Acoustically Down Under. The sound quality is fantastic, as you can to perceive from the samples. Hope you like.


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