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Faith No More
"Bill's MP3s"

A collection of early Faith No Man and Faith No More material.
Given in mp3 form to a former band associate, then via Blum to hothcanada.
Remastered/pitch corrected by S.T.O.H.

Source: Various SBD/Studio
Lineage: Unknown -> mp3 -> Audio CD-R -> FLAC -> Adobe Audition 3.0 (EQ/pitch correction) -> FLAC

Faith No Man 1983-XX-XX Demo

01 Life (4:57)
02 Decay (2:19)
03 Alive (2:14)

William Gould - Bass Guitar
Mike Morris - Vocals and Guitar
Wade Worthington - Keyboards
Mike Bordin - Drums

Note: None of these songs appear on the Faith No Man 7" single. Band line-up is speculative, listing here taken from the 7".

Faith No More 1983-10-11 live @ On Broadway, San Francisco, CA

04 Intro (early The Jungle) (5:17)
05 Why Do You Bother? (5:53)
06 FST (5:01)

Important: I have switched the order of these two tracks to match with the First Performance cassette

Joe Pop-O-Pie (vocals)
Jake Smith (guitar)
Bill Gould (bass)
Mike Bordin (drums)
Roddy Bottum (keyboards)

Note: Faith No More's first show. Three out of four tracks from the "First Performance" cassette released by the band. "Spirit" is missing here.

Faith No More 1984-XX-XX live San Francisco, CA

07 Roddy/PaulaF (4:19)
08 Surprise (early Zombie Eaters) (4:27)
09 Blood (4:00)

Paula Frazier (vocals on 07)
Courtney Love (vocals on 08 and 09)
? ? ? (guitar)
Bill Gould (bass)
Mike Bordin (drums)
Roddy Bottum (keyboards)

Note: Venue unknown, but Courtney says "This is not the San Francisco I used to know". Possibly two guitarists.

Faith No More 1986-XX-XX Introduce Yourself sessions

10 We Give A Fuck (We Care A Lot rough mix) (4:18)
11 Anne's Song (demo) (4:23)
12 New Improved Song (demo) (3:53)

Chuck Mosley - vocals
Jim Martin (guitar)
Bill Gould (bass)
Mike Bordin (drums)
Roddy Bottum (keyboards)

Note: It is believed that the recording sessions for IY took place in the summer of 1986.
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