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Alright, I'm sure everyone has their favorite sound that they tried to copy at some point in time. List your favorite guitar tones of all time:

1. Of course Eddie - mainly the early stuff
2. George Lynch - Back for the Attack CD
3. Nuno Bettencourt - Pornograffitti CD
4. Andy Timmons - Ear X-Tacy CD

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CanyonCarver said:
Here are some of mine:

Early Ed VH
Brian Setzer
Ted Nugent
Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
Eric Sardinas
Steve Morse
Yngwie (listent to his killer tone in his latest CD)

[/ QUOTE ]

Gotta tell you how shocked I was to see you mention Eric Sardinas. I thought I was the only guy around here that heard of this cat. The guy is a wild man and plays damn good blues slide guitar

Some of my favortie tones would be:

Geroge Lynch
Jerry Cantrell
Dimebag Darrell
Dean Deleo
Angus Young
Marty Friedman

1. Eddie (All of his tones except from WACF)
2. Michael Gurley (Dada)
3. Vito Bratta
4. Angus Young (So pure and simple, ya know!)
5. Ross Childress (Collective Soul)
6. James Mankey (Concrete Blonde- Just a very slick tone!)
7. Jimmy Page
8. Eric Clapton (His 80's/early 90's tone)
9. Billy Corgan and James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins)
10. Joe Satriani

That's all I can think of off the top of my head

I would give an honorable mention to Peter Buck from R.e.m.
but I can't stand their politics anymore. I used to be a huge fan when I was a teenager but I grew up! Still, their early stuff is decent and I like Buck's tone from then.


Thought I'd add a few guys that aren't really in the heavy rock scene but also have a great tone that should be checked out.

1) Robben Ford's boutique overdrive tone (fat but clean at the same time)

2) Eric Johnson's lead sound cuts right through on the G3 live CD. No offence to Vai and Satch, 2 of the greatest guitarists ever but Johnson's sound is just so damn distinctive.

3) Brett Garsed: An australian Rock/Fusion player who tours with john farnham and also does alot of solo stuff. He has and Eddie-esque rock tone but throws in some killer slide guitar and legato stuff that is just awe inspiring to listen to.

I also think that its hard to give credit to alot of the guys here.They are all amazing players but most of their sounds are derivatives of the basic landmark tone created by eddie in the late 70's. A good example is Nuno Bettencourt: The guy totally rocks but his main sound is really eddie with more gain.

cheers guys

Hope u don't think i've ranted too much

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Lest we forget, the man to the left, Eric Johnson - the Tone Ranger

Randy Rhoads
Peter Buck [Reckoning, New Adventures in HiFi, Out of Time, Hindu Love Gods]
Jimmy Page
Zakk Wylde
Glen Campbell
Joe Perry ["Dream On"]
My own tone {I have a few problems though.}:devillaug
Dave Mustaine and the rest of the megadeth guitarists
Duane Allman
Daron Malakian
Dean Deleo
Kurt Cobain
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