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February Gear review

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Gear review.
This is the First in an ongoing series of Gear Reviews. I will be covering the New and the Old and on occasion Vintage Gear.
Everything is fair game. Guitars, amps, effects, pickups, tuners, hardware,cables, and strings.High end, low end and everything in the middle to cover all the bases for all budgets.
I will cover Guitars, Amps and the big stuff the first of each month and Strings and other accessories in the middle of each month.

If you have an idea, suggestion, or comment please feel free to post it. If theres a piece of gear your itching to hear about, post your request and I will do my best to fulfill it. I have access to most brands and price ranges.
To understand the Rating's :notme:= fair :icon_thum: = good :rock: = excellent
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I'll start this out with something I rarely have in the shop and probably never have again:

Gibson's Custom Shop Zakk Wylde Bullseye

This one is a 2000 model but since I have it here for a resale I thought it would be a good choice. Our shop had sold it new and did the intial setup too.
Equipped with EMG 81-85 combo ,Gibson Jumbo frets, Ebony fretboard and an aftermarket brass nut. This one has D'addario 9-42's to get a nice smooth feel with the 24 3/4" scale. The finish and binding work are perfect with no flaws or blems.
I ran this through a Marshall MG 100 at work with the matching slantcab, on clean and the gain channels to give it a good overall workout. This guitar got passed around like a drunk prom date to pretty much everyone that came in that day. Everyone was impressed with the feel and the overall tone.

This guitar is nothing but BALLS ! ! ! Huge, massive tone no matter how you set it. Harmonics jump out everywhere with no effort. Everything from nail biting highs to low end that makes your shoe laces rattle.

The frets out of the factory are set perfect with a slight relief in the neck. No razor edges on the ends because of the overlaid binding on each fret end.
Gibsons tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece create tons of sustain with a nice solid feeling mount to the body. Factory set up was pretty much a generic medium action that was very playable. With a little tweaking and minor intonation adjustments it was gig ready.

The EMG's were wired standard for the 81-85 combo with 2 volumes and 2 tones. With using 25 k pots its a nice smooth transition though the rotation without jumpy increases as you roll up or down on the controls.
Standard Gibson reed type switch for pickup selection with little to no noise but still have the great RR rapid pickup switching effect.

It comes with the standard Gibson LP archtop case with good hardware and the nice velvet lining to protect your investment.

With a cost of $3600.00 new and even used ones in the $3000 market these can put a huge dent in your wallet.
Rating : :rock:
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Awesome review VB! I have the epiphone version of that guitar, and I'll be purchasing the active pups to go with it soon. I can only imagine how kick ass the Gibson version is. I just can't see paying 3,000 for a guitar, but that's only cause I'm broke! LOL
Thanks for the chance to do this Chris and the rest of the 101 Mods.
It will probably take a lil time to get my writing skills up to par. I'll post another soon and take off on the regular format next month
here's what i need/crave/want/can't afford....has anyone tried out one of these yet....???...let me know...thanks - paul - :thumb:

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hey there...can you post audio samples of the gear reviewed here...???...or pics of "suggested" settings for certain sounds on effects pedals...???...just wonderin'... :laugh:
Yep , I figured when i Do effects and processors I will post sound bites and clips. And the exact settings to get that particular tone.

Im asking around bout the Jimi Experience from digitech. Hopefully some one local has one I can use for a review.
great...thanks...this is an awesome idea...glad i thought of mean glad you thought of it... :thumb:
Take out the licensing for the ZW bullseye, and you could save a bundle! Excellent review VB :thumb:
Ya El Jalapeno!! we all know why those signature models cost so damn much!! you could probably pick it up for half price otherwise!!
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