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Rated as the #2 Collectable Custom Shop Stratocaster, just under the '93 Harley, on Tom Watson's "A" LIST, with a 1994 Original Sticker Price of $6,999.99 USD.

This is #98 of the limited 40th Anniversary Commorative Playboy Diamond Series Fender Custom Shop run of 175, Air Brushed with paint brushed details, by the phenominal Pamelina H., with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin charactor on the headstock, and Art Paul's Playboy rabbit head logo inlays, and the Diamond Series Custom Shop logo with set real diamond, is a great playing piece of collectable art.

Since each one was hand painted, there's always some very minor variation, and from the three I've seen close up in person, and the four I've seen pictures of, I believe this one is the best interpretation of that infamous 1954 -1st Playboy magazine Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Centerfold . I would go into details of the things I noticed that bring me to this conclusion, but, Due the graphic nature of these details, I would prefer you request that information by email. (Serious Collectors Only Please).

Completing this package, is the "way over the top" Playboy Red Leather Gigbag, Red Leather Playboy guitar strap, the 10,000 foot flight case, the Certifcate of Authenticity, and a copy of The Original Receipt, (because I purchased two Diamond Series Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Strat's that day, and they are both on one receipt, so I need to keep the Original for the other one.)

view picture set here:
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