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Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
November 17, 1993

Unknown Audience Source
taper: harris t.
transfer from 1st generation cassette: ryanj
Lineage: Master Cassette > Cass. > Nakamichi CR-3A > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48) > Adobe Audition (Normalize to -0.1 db) > CDWAVE (track) > FLAC

1. Into the Pit
2. War of Words
3. Life in Black
4. Kill It
5. Immortal Sin
6. Laid to Rest
7. Contortion
8. For All Eternity
9. Nailed to the Gun
10. Vicious
11. Little Crazy
12. Reality: A New Beginning
13. Symptom of the Universe [Black Sabbath]
14. Sweet Leaf [Black Sabbath]
15. Freewheel Burning
16. Bloodstone
17. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) [Fleetwood Mac]
18. Light Comes Out Of Black

band: Rob Halford – vocals/Brian Tilse – guitars/Russ Parrish – guitars/Jay Jay – bass/Scott Travis – drums

This show is another from the collection of Smores who is working to get many old shows transferred and uploaded for others to enjoy. Some of these shows are seeing the light of day after all of these years- some for the first time since they were taped!
He is currently searching for ANY:
Warrior Soul
Saigon Kick
Tegan and Sara
Porno For Pyros
Rose Tattoo
Sinead O'Connor
Veruca Salt
or Antigone Rising shows.
He is also trying to track down leads to UNCIRCULATED Foo Fighters, UFO or Nine Inch Nails MASTERS.
Please contact him on DIME if you can help. Thanks.!x9wGkJSS!UnVflYLCj2b5ebu11Yj3n6gDHdWk9yP1T8gcSxge48A
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