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Band: Iron Maiden
Date: 1986-10-14
Venue: De Montfort Hall
City: Leicester, Leicestershire
Country: England
Version: Version DMM 002
Upload platform: MediaFire
Size: 723 MB
Download parts: 26 files


CD 1

01. Intro
02. Caught Somewhere in Time
03. 2 Minutes to Midnight
04. Sea of Madness
05. Children of the Damned
06. Stranger in a Strange Land
07. Wasted Years
08. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
09. Guitar Duel/Walking in the Air
10. Where Eagles Dare

CD 2

01. Heaven Can Wait
02. Phantom of the Opera
03. Hallowed Be Thy Name
04. Iron Maiden
05. The Number of the Beast
06. Run to the Hills/Band Introduction
07. Running Free
08. Sanctuary

This was the first Iron Maiden bootleg I ever heard, and it remains one of my favourites. Although Bruce struggles to reach some of the higher notes from 'Rime' onwards, it is obvious he is making a tremendous effort and engaging the crowd with his usual efficacy.

The musicianship is flawless, with an impressive version of the guitar duel (often dubbed 'Walking on Glass') that was a standard addition on this tour (only the last gig in Osaka lacked it). Adrian also varies his solo on '2 Minutes' during bars 5 and 6 - a rare occurrence for this track on this tour.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this show and revisit it as often as I do.

Best wishes,


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Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem downloading Track 16 ('Run to the Hills'). The original file is fine, but even though I deleted it from MediaFire and reloaded it again, it still wasn't downloading.

As an interim solution, I have uploaded the track in APE format. It's slightly smaller in size and downloads without any problem.

I've not had a good weekend with MediaFire; similar problems occurred with Track 21 of Ipswich '83 and Track 1 of Sheffield '86 first night (even though the files on my hardrive are OK). In both cases, I've uploaded the troublesome files in another format and downloaded them successfully.

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thank you very much Calvanist for this lossless shows and also for the great liner notes! Up the IRONs!! :bannana_g:icon_head:icon_head:icon_head

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