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Enjoy, from your friend JITF :D

More Bootlegs Than Your Mom Can Handle

Metallica - November 22, 1988 - Mecca Arena - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Format: FLAC
Version: Audience


00. Blackened (Missing)
01. For Whom The Bell Tolls
02. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
03. Leper Messiah
04. Harvester of Sorrow
05. Eye of the Beholder
06. Jason's solo -> To Live Is To Die
07. Master of Puppets
08. One
09. Seek And Destroy
10. ...And Justice For All
11. Creeping Death
12. Fade to Black ->Kirk's Solo -> Little Wing Jam
13. Battery
14. La Bamba Tease -> RTTH Tease -> Helpless Jam -> Last Caress
15. Am I Evil?
16. Whiplash



Source: ECM-939T > TC-D5M

Transfer: 2nd Gen. Cass > Sony TCW-305 > Roxio 6.0 > WAV > CDR(M) > EAC(secure) > WAV > FLAC(lvl8)

I got this show in a trade directly from the guy that transfered his 2nd gen aud cass to cdr for me. The first song of the night "Blackened" is missing. This show sounds pretty nice! There is some his on this due to being from 2nd gen cass but considering this show doesnt really circulate that much except the version with only 4 songs, this is a true gem of a show!

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