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Flashing For Your Rights - 1988-09-08 - Turin, IT
(Audience FLAC)


The Italian Concert For Amnesty International - 25th Anniversary Edition
Turin (I), Stadio Comunale - September 8, 1988

Kokomo is proud to present this historical event for the very first time in a COMPLETE version to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.
We put together different sources: some were already circulating, some had never surfaced before.

Our goal was to recreate that night in its entirety, and here it is.

The project will be uploaded in three parts:

1) CD1+CD2+CD3
2) CD4+CD5
3) DVD

Sources and lineages:

1) SM tape: SONY HF > PIONEER CT-S609R > PC LINE IN > GoldWave > FLAC

2) "Human Rights Now! In Concerto" 3LP set (Audience) > Pioneer TT > Denon AVR 2807 Receiver > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (manual de-click/volume smoothing/indexing) > xACT > FLAC

Vinyl transferred and upped by MJK5510

3) FM broadcast: master TAPE > PC LINE IN > GoldWave > FLAC
Taping and digital transfer by Sognidipoeti

4) Intruder's master recording: Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone (with problem causing connectors!) > Sony TCD-5M deck (no dolby) > TDK SA-X tapes

Transferred with: Aiwa XK009 - EXCELIA (no dolby) > iMac/Sound Forge Pro (96khz/24bits) > tracked and converted to 44khz/16bit FLACs > xACT (SBE fix)


ALL artists:
01 Get Up, Stand Up (SM tape)


02 Nelson Mandela (3LP bootleg)
03 Immigrés/Bitim Rew (3LP bootleg)
04 Bamako (3LP bootleg)
05 The Truth (SM tape)
06 Kocc Barma (SM tape)


07 Strada Facendo (3LP bootleg)
08 Via (fade-out) (FM broadcast)
09 Amori In Corso (FM broadcast)
10 Notte Di Note, Note Di Notte (FM broadcast)
11 Ninna Nanna Nanna Ninna (with Peter Gabriel) (FM broadcast)
12 Uomini Persi (FM broadcast)
13 E Adesso La Pubblicita' (FM broadcast)
14 La Vita E' Adesso (3LP bootleg)

01 Across The Lines (3LP bootleg)
02 For My Lover (3LP bootleg)
03 Behind The Wall (3LP bootleg)
04 Fast Car (SM tape)
05 Freedom Now (3LP bootleg)
06 Mountains O'Things (3LP bootleg)
07 Talkin'bout A Revolution (SM tape)
08 Why? (SM tape)

PETER GABRIEL set (Intruder master tape):
01 Of These, Hope
02 Games Without Frontiers
03 Family Snapshot
04 Shock The Monkey (stopped for blackout)
05 Shock The Monkey
06 No Self Control
07 Don't Give Up
08 Sledgehammer
09 band intro
10 In Your Eyes
11 Biko


bands line-up:

Youssou N'Dour: vocals
Habib Faye: bass, keyboards
M'Baye Dieye Faye: percussions, vocals
Papa Oumar N'Gom: rhythm guitar
Assane Thiam: tama (talking drum)
Babacar Faye: percussions
Mamadou Dieng: drums
Marietou Kote: dancer

Claudio Baglioni: vocals, guitar, piano
Walter Savelli: keyboards
Paolo Gianolio: guitar
Tony Levin: bass
Jerry Marotta: drums

Tracy Chapman: vocals, acoustic guitar

Peter Gabriel: vocals, keyboards
David Rhodes: guitar
David Sancious: keyboards
Assane Thiam & Babacar Faye: percussions
Mino Cinelu: percussions
Manu Katche: drums, percussions
Darryl Jones: bass
L.Shankar: violin and vocals
Brandford Marsalis: guest sax on "Sledgehammer"
Youssou N'Dour: guest vocals


Kokomo Bros. want to thank:

SM: for your master tapes and presence when ALL began
MJK: for permission to use your precious transfers from vinyl bootlegs
Mouhamadou F.N.: for helping us with YND setlist and band line-up
Sognidipoeti: for taping and sharing Baglioni's FM recording
The Intruder: for your HUGE help and the uncirculated recording of PG's set (
SP: for unseen photos supply
Compiled, edited and produced by Kokomo (2013)


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