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Fleetwood Mac
First Niagara Center
Buffalo, NY
January 31, 2015

Source: 3 IEM Feed / Aud Matrix
IEM Senn Boxes > LR16
Aud source - (Binko) Gear: AT831's > Tascam DR-08

Audition with varrious pluggins, tracked with Cool Edit Pro 2.1
Flac > Traders Little Helper

01 The Chain
02 You Make Loving Fun
03 Dreams
04 Second Hand News
05 Rhiannon
06 Everywhere
07 I Know I'm Not Wrong
08 Tusk
09 Sisters Of The Moon
10 Say You Love Me
11 Seven Wonders
12 Big Love
13 the top hat
14 Landslide
15 Never Going Back Again
16 Over My Head
17 Gypsy
18 Little Lies
19 Gold Dust Woman
20 I'm So Afraid
21 Go Your Own Way
22 World Turning
23 band intro's
24 Don't Stop
25 Silver Springs
26 Songbird
27 Mic's outro

Not a perfect capture by any means, ballance is not a even as I would have liked, but overall passable.
2/2015 mix
Thinking about possibly re-visiting the master files and doing some extractions to maybe even it out.. but as of yet.. this is it.
Artwork included, pictures are from the show.

1. For CD Burning... Use Tracks 16 & 17a ...CD Split
2. For seamless show ... tracks 1-27 (do not use 16 CD split or 17a CD split or 'edit' files)
3. I've removed 2-3 minutes on EACH of Encore applause on tracks 21,25 and 26 (so about 6 minutes of mindless applause has been removed). Use the 'edited files' for the compressed version.




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This sounds much better than the OP's review of "passable". In fact, to me this sounds very good. Note track 24 does not decode properly, I had to use FFE with "Dec. through errors".

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Note track 24 does not decode properly, I had to use FFE with "Dec. through errors".
It fails MD5 as well so probably corrupted

// Edit: the File Details for Track 24 shows a very small chunk is missing:
File is compressed: no
Compression ratio: 0.9998
CD-quality properties:
CD quality: no
Cut on sector boundary: n/a
Sector misalignment: n/a
Long enough to be burned: n/a
WAVE properties:
Non-canonical header: no
Extra RIFF chunks: no
Possible problems:
File contains ID3v2 tag: no
Data chunk block-aligned: yes
Inconsistent header: no
File probably truncated: yes (missing 20898 bytes)
Junk appended to file: no
Odd data size has pad byte: n/a

The FFP also suggests the file is truncated.

As fz789 says, you can decode through the error and end up with a playable WAV file. I hear dropouts at 1:37 / 1:39 / 2:01 but could just be the source (there are dropouts on other tracks too).

On a less technical note, a commercial for Chevrolet came on a while ago featuring Christine's "Everywhere" 😢
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