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Second source from Oakland,CA

8/2or3/1975 Oakland,CA 60min 13 trk 1cd B/B+ vers#2 Get like you used to be (partial)/Station man/Spare me a little/I’m so afraid/Say you love me/Jumping at the shadow/Frozen love/Rhiannon/Oh well/World turning/Green manalishi/Blue letter/Hypnotized

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Not being mean but if you want more hits on your shares this will help...

Fleetwood Mac Oakland,CA 8/2 or 3/1975
13 trks of .WAV
SQ: B/B+ vers#2


01 Get like you used to be (partial)
02 Station man
03 Spare me a little
04 I’m so afraid
05 Say you love me
06 Jumping at the shadow
07 Frozen love
08 Rhiannon
09 Oh well
10 World turning
11 Green manalishi
12 Blue letter
13 Hypnotized

Total Time: 01:00:00

BTW: Most people want FLAC for Lossless and 256k or 320k for lossy
Many Hate 128k and wont take below 192k

Someone Showed me this for me when I started sharing and it really did help and thats who I am, Im just saying.
Good luck and thankx for sharing
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