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Foo Fighters
12 September, 1995
Deep Ellum Live
Dallas, TX

Taped by:
Chris M.

1. Winnebago
2. I'll Stick Around
3. Butterflies
4. Wattershed
5. Big Me
6. This is a Call
7. Weenie Beenie
8. For All the Cows
9. My Hero
10.Oh, George
12.Alone + Easy Target
14.Good Grief

Nice sounding DAT recording here. Most copies of this circulating have a really high pitched whine throughout the set due to
a bad ANA copy of this tape that was transferred years ago. This is a nice upgrade to that but is the same recording.

The great thing about this set and others from Summer to Fall 1995 is that it's the only time the Foo Fighters played Oh, George. Dave
really dislikes this song so it was only played for a short period of their career. There is also an early version of My Hero
here that is cool to hear. I always thought that Will's intro to it was better than the recorded version. Most people have
heard it but if you haven't it's pretty neat to hear. There are different lyrics to this version than the finished version on

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