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Foo Fighters
15 June, 1996
Golden Gate Park (Tibetan Freedom Concert)
San Francisco, CA

1. This is a Call
2. For All the Cows
3. Wattershed
4. Big Me
5. I'll Stick Around
6. Alone + Easy Target
7. Exhausted

This is the audio from the satellite broadcast of the Tibetan Freedom Concert back in 1996. The taper caught the broadcast via video and the audio on DAT. WAY clearer than the audio on any of the VHS copies that are circulating. Nice short and sweet set here from the first record. Wish I could have been at either the 1996 or 1997 Tibetan Freedom Concerts. Foos played both but there were a lot of other great bands that played as well. This will become PRO#1c since the audio is superior to any of the VHS copies out there right now.

Download this bootleg here

Lots more Foo Fighters bootlegs here:
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