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(Untitled Future Release)

November 30, 2004

Here we go Halford fans!! Rob Halford is preparing to enter the recording studio with his solo band late 2005; in preparation for the band's 4th Release.

For an intense challenge, The Metal God will select 1 (one) Vocalist; 1 (one) Guitarist; 1 (one) Bassist; and 1 (one) Drummer to participate in an elite recording environment whereabouts a ferocious, new Halford-penned track will be recorded for “EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST” right here on

Yeah, The Metal God is looking for the most driven muthas out there, for you're not only goin' to have to hold your own with TMG, but also Halford guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak, Producer / Guitarist Roy Z., Bassist Mike Davis & Drummer Bobby Jarzombek.

Even if you're not jetted to some cool locale, you too can participate, for The Halford Studio will be equipped with hi-resolution “Live-Streaming Webcams,” and these cameras will broadcast real-time, studio events right here on (broadband service required).

We will also be activating TMG's “Interactive Chat Environment,” ( so everyone in the studio can interact with all of you!

This kicks ass doesn't it?

Then STOP drooling, mark your calendars; better yet, begin making musical connections by signing up to The Metal God's Artist Connection Boards:

Signing up is free, and it may be your best gateway to building your new band.

Click here to submit your material to The Metal God.

very cool! I love jp for 30 years.It would be so awesome to jam with the real metal god!
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