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Frank Sinatra

Concerts (DVD)

Rushcutters Bay Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 1961
Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan, 1962
The Israel Tour, 1962
The Royal Festival Hall, London England, 1962
Italian Television Studio, Italy, Rome, 1962
The Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1963
St. Louis, Sinatra Spectacular, 1965
Hollywood Palace, 1965
Madison Square Gardens, New York, 1967
Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, 1971
The White House, Washington D.C, 1973
The Bodokan Arena, Tokyo, Japan, 1974
U.S.S Midway, Yokosuka, Japan, 1974
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1974 *
Lake Tahoe, With John Denver, Backstage, 1976
Lake Tahoe, With John Denver, Televised Concert, 1976
Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Reunion With TV Concert, 1976
Westchester Premier Theatre, Tarrytown, 1977
Royal Festival Hall, London, September 15th 1978
A Tribute To Ingrid Bergman, 1979
Reagan Elections, Boston, 1979
Hope And Faith Concert, Egypt, 1979
Egypt Backstage Footage, Rehearsals And Interviews, 1979
Prelude To Victory, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, 1980
Carnegie Hall, New York, 1980
Maracana Stadium, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1980
Maksoud Plaza Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1980
Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1980
South Africa, Backstage, Rehearsals And Interviews, 1981
Reagan’s Inaugural Concert, 1981
The White House, Washington, D.C, Rehearsals, 1982
The White House, Washington, D.C, 1982
Altos De Chavon Amphitheatre, Dominican Republic, 1982
The White House Lawn, To Love A Child, 1982
Carnegie Hall, New York, 1984 *
Austria, 1984
The Bodokan Arena, Tokyo, Japan, Televised Concert, 1985
The Bodokan Arena, Tokyo, Japan, Uncut, 1985
Reagan’s Second Inaugural Concert, 1985
Governors Island, New York, 1986
Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, Spain, 1986
Palatrussardi, Mayland, Italy, 1986
Carnegie Hall, New York, 1986
Grandstand, Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1987
Desert Springs Marriot, Palm Springs, 1987
Palazzo Di Sport, Rome, Italy, 1987
L’Arena, Verona, Italy, 1987
Palazzo Di Sport, Genoa, Italy, 1987
Teatro Petruzelli, Bari, Italy, 1987
Radio City Music Hall, New York, 1988*
University Of Arizona, Tempe, California, (First Ultimate Event, With Press Conference)
Together Again Press Conference, 1988
Together Again Tour, Seattle, 1988 *
The Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, 1988
Charlotte Coliseum, Opening Night, Charlotte, 1988
Fox Theatre, Detroit, 1988
Sanctuary Cove, Brisbane, Australia, 1988
Bally’s Grand Casino, Las Vegas Nevada, 1988
Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, 1988
N.K Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 1989
Paris, 1989 *
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia, 1991*
George Washington Inaugural, 1989
Palatrussardi, Milano, Italy, 1989
Docklands Arena, London, England, 1990 *
Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New York, 1990
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, Opening Night, 1990
Society Of Singers Salute To Sinatra, 1990
Knights Centre, Miami, Florida, 1991
Spectrum Arena, Oslo, Norway, 1991
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 1991
Teatro Grande, Pompeii, 1991
The Point, Dublin, Ireland, 1991 *
The Point, Dublin, Ireland, 1991
Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japan, 1991
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Australia, 1991*
National Tennis Arena, Melbourne, Australia, 1991
Nabisco Charity Concert, 1992
Monumental Mini Estadi, Barcelona, 1992
Marble Stadium, Athens, Greece, 1992
Radio City Music Hall, New York, 1992
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 1992
Athens, Marble Stadium, Greece, 1992
Hamburg Rehearsal & Cologne Outdoor Concert, 1993
Stuttgart, Germany, 1993
Westbury, Westbury Music Theatre, 10. June 1993*
Westbury, Westbury Music Theatre, 11. June 1993*
Charity Nabisco Concert, 1993
Uniondale, Nassau Coliseum, New York 1993
America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona 1993
San Diego, Sports Arena, California, 1993
Las Vegas, Stars’ Desert Inn 16. July 1993*
Las Vegas, Stars’ Desert Inn (First Show) 17. July 1993
Las Vegas, Stars’ Desert Inn (Second Show) 17. July 1993
New York, Radio City Music Hall, 1994 (Also, Intro & Exit From Concert Night)
Syracuse, Veterans War Memorial Coliseum, 1994*
Manila, Philippines, Folk Arts Theatre, 1994
Fukuoka, Japan, Fukuoka Dome, With Natalie Cole, 1994
Palm Springs, Marriott’s Desert Springs Resorts, 1995
Sinatra The Show, London Palladium, 2007
(Hologram) At The Grammies, Duet, With Alicia Keys, 2008

Television Specials (DVD)

Frank And Gene Kelly, An American In Pasadena
"Solid Gold", 1986
Larry King Live: Tina Sinatra, May 22nd, 1998
Larry King Live: Don Rickles, Steve Lawrence & Quincy Jones, May 15th, 1998
Sinatra The Show, London Palladium, (Sinatra On Giant Screens Moving Around The Stage And Full Cast Of Dancers And Orchestra), 2007
Mr. Television, A Tribute To Milton Berle, 1978
Franks Last Television Cameo, "Young At Heart", Television Movie, 1995
Make Room For Granddaddy, 18/11/1970
Daddy Dearest, 3/10/1993
L.A Is My Lady, Music Video
Kennedy Center Honors Frank Sinatra 4/12/1983
Durante, NBC Special
Howard Cosell Show, 1975
Don Rickles Show, 1975
Pepe Clip, 1961
Aids Benefit, (With Concert Footage) Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr & Dionne Warwick
NBC Laugh In, 7/2/1978
Carnegie Halls Re- Opening, 15/12/1986
Bob Hopes 25th Anniversary Show, 24/10/1975
Variety Clubs All Star Party For Frank Sinatra 11/12/1983
Turning Point, Sinatra At 81 Years Old
As Time Goes By, For Ingrid Bergman
On The Carson Show, 1976, 1977 & 1980
The Frank Sinatra Show, CBS, 1950 & 1951
Japanese Television Appearance, New York New York and Followed from Airport to Studio, 1985
Las Vegas 75th Birthday, 1987
Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday, Carnegie Hall, 1988
An All Star Party For John Wayne, 1979
An All Star Party For Lucille Ball, 1984
An All Star Party For Ronald Reagan 1985
Duets 1 & 2, 1993 – 1994
80 Years My Way, All Star 80th Birthday Celebration, 1995
Society of Singers Salute To The Chairman Of The Board, 1990
Portrait of an album 1984
Cinderella At The Palace, Co. Stars; Paul Anka, Andy Williams, Tom Jones & Sammy Davis Jr 1978
The Definitive Sinatra

Documentaries (DVD)

Israel Tour Documentary, Narrated By Sinatra, 1962
Loina, (All Backstage Rehearsals For Ultimate Event) 1989
An American Legend, A BBC Documentary Looking At
An American Original, Walter Cronkite Presents, The Life Of Sinatra, 1998
The Best Is Yet To Come, Concert & Documentary, 1990
Hollywood’s Chairman Of The Board, 1992
24 Hours With the Chairman Of the Board, 1994
Seven Weeks Of Sinatra, 1994
A Closer Look, 1994
Funeral/Memorial, 1998
Sinatra, The Most Beautiful Years, 1998
The Voice Of The Century, 1998
Oceans 11 Story
The Crooners, BBC Production, 1999
Top Ten Easy Listening, Presented By Andy Williams, 2000
Sinatra: Good Guy? Bad Guy? ITV Documentary, 28th Dec 2000
A Dark Star, BBC Production
The Secrets Of Sinatra’s Coffin, Channel 4 Production

Interviews (DVD)

Magnum P.I. The Interview Via Sat. Hawaii, 1987
CBS Affiliates Feed Of "SINATRA 75" Promos, Interviews, Presented By George Schlatter & Nancy Sinatra, 1990
Nancy Sinatra Interviews Her Father, 1985
Roger Moore Interview During Italy Concert Tour, 1987
Mia Farrow Interviewed About Frank Sinatra By David Letterman
Frank Sinatra Jr Interviewed About His Father
Tina & Nancy Sinatra On Larry King, Celebrating Their Fathers 81st Birthday, 1997
Duets Interviews, 1993
Short Interview Regarding Nat King Cole, 1987
Interview With Bill Blogs
Entertainment Tonight, Sinatra Sr & Jr Interview, 1988
Rosenthal Interview With Don Rickles, 1977
Pebble Mills, BBC, Interview With Nancy About Her Father, 1995
In Conversation With Clive James, 1989
Interview With Edward R Murrow, 1950's
Larry King Live Special, Interview, 1988
College Interview 1982
Interview from Home In Palm Springs, "When Susie Visits" 1977
Australia, Interview, 1988

Movies (DVD)

The First Deadly Sin
Sergeants Three
Young At Heart, 1995

Appearances, Benefits & Television Commercials (DVD)

Opening Of Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas, March 8th 1990
Broadcast Hall Of Fame, Jan 7th, 1990
All Gods Children, 1962
The Benny Goodman Tribute
Arrival To Australia, Meeting with The Press, 1988
80th Birthday, Back Stage, 1995
Award Ceremony, 1996
Coachella Valley, Humanitarian Award, Marriott Hotel, Palm Desert, 27/03/1986
Skinny D'Amato Testimonial Dinner, Atlantic City, 21/05/1981
Radio City Music Hall Arrival & Exit With Don Rickles, 1994
Kennedy Center Honors Frank Sinatra 4/12/1983
Grammy Award Presentation To Bing Crosby
Desert Hospital Charity, 1987
Aids Benefit
Dean Martin And Sinatra Present The Peoples Lottery
Duet With Don Rickles, Dean Martin, Paul Anka & Many More (My Way)
Award Ceremony With Bono, 1994
Frank Sinatra Jr, Concert & Comedy Clip, 1969
Universal Theatre Opening
Adverts For Golden Nugget, NASA, Sands Hotel, ETC
Scrapbook, 1973 – 1980
JDF Benefit appearance, 1989
All Jerry Lewis MDA Telethons, 1975 Until 1994
Beer Advertisement
United Way Television Commercial
Magnavox Television Commercial

News Reels (DVD)

News Collection, The Death Bed Stories
Funeral Footage, CNN & Sky News, 1998
Breaking News Reels, Sinatra’s Death, May 1998
MSNBC, Weekend Magazine, Stone Phillips, Coverage Of Sinatra’s Death, 15/5/1998
MSNBC, Keith Olberman Coverage Of Sinatra’s Death, 15/5/1998
Barbara Sinatra Telethon News Coverage, 1987
Don Costa Funeral Coverage
Desert Hospital Charity News Coverage, Footage Of Sammy, Dean & Frank, 1987
Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Visit To Los Angeles
Sam Giancana News Coverage
Mini Series Backstage & News Coverage
News Coverage On The Death Of Jilly Rizzo
News Archives, Various Excerpts
Nevada Gaming Board Hearing, Las Vegas, Full CNN Coverage, Part 1 & Part 2, 11/2/1981
Raw News Reel From Egypt Interviews, 1979
German TV Coverage Of Sinatra’s German Tour, Concert Footage & Interviews, June 1993
ABC National & Local Coverage Of Sinatra’s Death, May 1998

Biographies (DVD)

The Biography, Bio Channel, Very Recent

Rare Footage, Master Tapes & More (DVD)

Together Again Clips, Footage Of All Three On Stage & Back Stage 1988
The Voice (Extremely Rare Footage)
Loina, (All Backstage Rehearsals For Ultimate Event)
JFK Inaugural Gala, Part 1, 1961 (Raw/Uncut)
The Rat Pack (The Summit) Live & Uncut, Vegas, 1960s
Time & Again, MSNBC, Complete Collection
Duets 2 Party, Hosted by Some Of Sinatra’s Duet Partners And Sinatra Jr, 1994

Live Concerts (CD)


Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, NJ, 20/02/1940


Blackpool Concert, The Opera House, July 26th, 1953
Fort Lee, New Jersey, Bill Millers Riviera, 1953
Melbourne, Australia, 1955
Manhattan, 1955
Civic Auditorium, Seattle 1957
L.A. California, 01/06/1957
Sporting Club, Monte Carlo 1958
Melbourne, Australia, West Melbourne Stadium, March 31st 1959
Moulin Rouge, Hollywood, May 14th 1959


Rushcutters Bay Stadium, First Show, Dec 2nd 1961
The Ultimate Performer, Lido, Paris, June 5th 1962
Palazzo Del Gluiccio Milan, 1962
Live In The Sands With Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr, 1963
United Nations, 1963
Newport Jazz Festival, 1965
Airie Crown Theatre, Chicago, With Count Basie, 1965
Forest Hills, Jazz Festival, New York, July 9th 1965
Forest Hills, Jazz Festival, New York, July 8th 1965
Forest Hill, West Side Tennis, August 7, 1965
F. Sinatra / D. Martin / E. Fitzgerald Live in San Francisco 1966
Cole Porter Gala, 1967
Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA, July 13, 1967
Benefit For Italian American League, October, 19, 1967
Miami Beach, Fontainebleau, April 5, 1968
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 26/11/1968
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, 27/11/1968


Royal Festival Hall, With Count Basie Orchestra, 7/5/1970
The Lost Concert, London, 1970
Richmond, VA, 29/08/1970
White House Concert, Washington D.C, 1973
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 25/01/1974
Melbourne, Festival Hall, 09/07/1974
USS Midway, 1974
Carnegie Hall 08/04/1974
Cedars Medical Center, 1974
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 13/06/1974
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 17/06/1974
Houghton Pavilion, Sydney, Australia, July 15, 1974, (second show)
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 12/09/1974
Madison Square garden, New York, October, 12, 1974
New York, Madison Square Garden, ABC Line Tap, October, 13, 1974
Sinatra & Vaughn In Concert, 1975
Sinatra In Paris, 20/05/1975
London, England, Royal Albert Hall, May, 29 & 30, 1975
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 1st Show, 21/04/1975
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 2nd Show, 21/04/1975
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Second Show, 26/03/1975
Israel, Jerusalem, Ha' oomah Hall, 1975
Uris Theatre, With Ella Fitzgerald & The Count Basie Orchestra, August, 1975
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, February, 27, 1976
Nashville, Grand Ole Opry House 1976
Unreleased, Saber Room, Chicago Concert, May, 1976
Palm Springs, June, 27, 1976
Harrah’s Casino, 1976
War Memorial, Syracuse, 1976
Sunrise Theatre, Miami, 2nd Show, 28/01/1977
Premier Westchester, New York, 25/05/1977
Tarry-town Premier Theatre, May, 29, 1977
Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra, A Swinging Night At The Saber Room, 1977
Latin Casino, 1977
London, Benefit In Royal Albert Hall, 1977
Convention Hall, Atlantic City, 1978
Radio City Music Hall, New York, 1978
New York State Fair, Syracuse, 22/08/1978
New York City Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 13/10/1978
New York City, Radio City Music Hall, 16/10/1978
Royal Festival Hall, First Show, 16/09/1978
Royal Festival Hall, Second Show, 16/09/1978
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 1st Show, 09/01/1978
Devon, Valley Forge Music Fair, 05/03/1979
Universal Amphitheater, LA, 1979
Los Angeles, Universal Amphitheater, Sinatra’s 40th Anniversary in Show business, With Harry James & Introduction by Nancy Sinatra-Lambert, June, 14, 1979
Las Vegas, Nevada, Caesars Palace, 13/11/1979
Its Show Time At The Resorts, 1979
Atlantic City, Resorts, 19/11/1979
Atlantic City, Resorts, 20/11/1979
Atlantic City, Resorts, 22/11/1979 Vol. 1
Atlantic City, Resorts, 22/11/1979 Vol. 2
Atlantic City, Resorts, 23/10/1979
Atlantic City, Resorts, 24/11/1979
Atlantic City, Resorts, 25/11/1979 Closing Night
Metropolitan Opera House, 28/10/1979
Saratoga, Performing Arts Theatre, 22/06/1979


The Royal Festival Hall, London, 1st Show, 13/09/1980
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, 08/10/1980
The Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada, 13/11/1980
Sunrise Musical Theater Fort Lauderdale01/05/1981
Sun City, Bophuthatswana, Africa, 1981
Lake Tahoe, 1981
The Hot Band, Caesars Palace 1981
Resorts International, Atlantic City, 1981
Maksoud Plaza, Sao Paulo Brazil, 1981
Los Angeles, May 19th, 1981
Valley Forge, 1981
Carnegie Hall, New York, October, 9, 1981
Las Vegas, Nevada, Golden Nugget, 05/11/1981
Buffalo, War Memorial Auditorium, May, 8, 1982
Circus Maximus, Caesars Palace, Vegas, July, 18, 1982
Chicago Festival, Navy Pier, 10/08/1982
New York, Carnegie Hall, September, 14, 1982
Radio City Music Hall, New York City, With George Shearing Quintet, Luciano Pavarotti 1982
Irvine, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, September, 25, 1982
Golden Nugget, 29/04/1983 1st Show
Nassau Coliseum, 28/11/1983
East Rutherford, Meadowlands Arena, 08/12/1983
Radio City Music Hall, New York, 1983
Copps Coliseum, Canada, 1983
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada, 23/06/1984
Costa Mesa, With Buddy Rich Big Band, 1984
Vienna, 1984
Carnegie Hall, New York, 1984
Mecca Arena Milwaukee, 1984
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, June, 23, 1984
Carnegie Hall, New York, 1984
Tokyo, Budokan, April, 4, 1985
Atlantic City, Golden Nugget, October, 11, 1985
Lloyd Nobel Center, The College Oklahoma Concert, 23/01/1986
Sinatra For High Rollers, 1986
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas Nevada, New Year Show 1986
Meadowlands Arena with Liza, 1986
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, 22/03/1986 2nd Show
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas Nevada, Mid Year show with Liza Minnelli 1986
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas Nevada, Full Show 1986
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada, 21/02/1986
Sloan Kittling Benefit, Radio City Music Hall, 16/03/1986
Atlantic City, New Jersey, Golden Nugget, 30/04/1986
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, May, 8, 1986
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, 25/10/1986 2nd Show
Madrid, Spain, Bernabeu Stadium, September 25, 1986
Meadowlands Arena, Homecoming Concert New Jersey, 1986
Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, 1986
Philadelphia, 1986
Golden Nugget, 29/12/1986 1st Show
Golden Nugget, 05/01/1987 2nd Show
Chicago Stadium, April, 24, 1987
Worcester Centurion, 1987
Greek Theatre, LA, 1987
Capitol Theatre, Landover Maryland, 08/05/1987
Sinatra 80th Live, Full Uncut Concert, 1987
Genua, Italien, Palasport, June, 24, 1987
Carnegie Hall, 12/09/1987
Chicago Theatre, Nov, 12, 1987
East Rutherford Meadowlands Arena, 05/12/1987
Meadowlands, New Jersey, 06/12/1987
Bally’s Casino, December, 27, 1987
McCallum Theatre, Palm Springs, April, 19, 1988
Palm Springs, Marriott’s Desert Springs Resorts, April, 1988
Reno, Bally's Grand, 30/04/1988
Bally's Grand, Atlantic City, New Jersey, With Sammy Davis Jr 1988
Circle Star Theatre 1988
Atlantic City, Bally’s Grandstand, June, 1988
North Carolina, 19/08/1988
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle (part 1 & 2) Together Again Tour, Full Concert, 1988
North Country Concert, Minneapolis, With Sammy Davis Jr, 1988
The Ultimate Event, Atlanta, 22/09/1988
Inglewood, The Forum, Los Angeles, November, 26, 1988
Bally’s Grand, Atlantic City, First Show, 10/12/1988
Bally’s Grand, Atlantic City, Second Show, 10/12/1988
Charlotte New York, Coliseum Arena, 1988
Olympia Halle, München, Germany 1989
The Ultimate Event, Scandinavian Arena, Sweden, April, 15, 1989
The Ultimate Event, Dublin, Ireland, May, 4, 1989


Radio City Music Hall, New York, 1990
London, Docklands Arena, July, 1990
Orlando, 1990
Wantagh, Jones Beach Theatre, August, 8, 1990
The Sands, Atlantic City, Closing Night, 07/10/1990
Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Second Show, March 23rd, 1991
San Carlos, Circle Star Theatre, 27/04/1991
San Carlos, Circle Star Theatre, Second Show, April, 27, 1991
Melbourne Tennis Arena, 1991
Sands Casino, July, 17, 1991
Diamond Jubilee Tour Pittsburgh 1991
Paris, France, Palais des Congrès, October, 3, 1991
Dublin, Ireland, The Point, October, 10, 1991
Diamond Jubilee Tour, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto Canada, Nov, 12, 1991
Nassau Coliseum, New York, November, 15, 1991
Madison Square Gardens, New York, 16/11/91 Pt. 1&2
Royal Albert Hall, London, 29/05/1992
Radio City Music Hall, New York, With Shirley McLean, 1992
Desert Inn, Las Vegas, Rehearsals, 24/06/1992
Palm Springs, Marriott’s, Golf Tournament, Feb 29, 1992
Cleveland Richfield Coliseum, 02/11/1992
Palm Springs, Marriott’s, With Natalie Cole, March, 6, 1993
Fort Lauderdale, Broward Performing Arts Center, March 19, 1992
Fairgrounds, WA, 1993
Sports Arena, San Diego, California 1993
Stuttgart, Germany 1993
Dortmund, Germany, Westfalen Halle, May 31, 1993
Hamburg, Germany, 02/06/1993
Berlin, Germany, 03/06/1993
Copps Coliseum, Canada, September 10th 1993
The Sands, Atlantic City, 10/11/1993
Foxwoods Casino, November 20th 1993
America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, 1993
Las Vegas, MGM Grand Theatre, Line Tap, 30/12/1993
Daytona Beach, January 27th 1994
Kiel Center, St. Louis, October 21st 1994
United Center, Chicago, Illinois 1994
The Sands Hotel, Atlantic City, November 20th 1994
Frank Sinatra Jr Fills In For His Father, 1994
Palm Springs, Marriott’s Desert Springs Resorts, Final Performance, February, 25, 1995

Studio Sessions

Rarest Capitol Sessions 1
Rarest Capitol Sessions 2
Alternate Gold: Some Swingers
Alternate Gold: Ballads Vol. 2
Alternate Gold: Swingers Vol. 2
Alternate Gold: Some Ballads
The Ultimate In Rare Sinatra
Complete Open Microphone, Recording Sessions 1
Complete Open Microphone, Recording Sessions 2
Jazz Combos Live
Inside Moonlight
Inside Count Basie
Might As Well Be Swing Sessions
On The Inside, Vol. 1
On The Inside, Vol. 2
From The Vaults, Vol. 1
From The Vaults, Vol. 2
Duets 1 & 2 Solos, 1993 – 1994
Out Takes From Duets 1 & 2
Sinatra Saga Vol. 1
Sinatra Saga Vol. 2
Sinatra's Song Book LIVE
Trilogy, Complete Three Disc Set
Unissued Sinatra
Unreleased Sinatra
She Shot Me Down

Radio Specials

Will Friedwald Interview Regarding Frank Sinatra, September, 17, 1995
German Radio Show, Special songs to Sinatra
Austrian Radio Show, Special songs to Sinatra

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Anyone interesting in trading very rare Frank Sinatra material, please get in touch ... my email is [email protected]

I have a huge collection which includes artists such as;
Tony Bennett
Andy Williams
Bobby Darin
Buddy Greco
Ella Fitzgerald
Sammy Davis Jr
& Many More .......

#franksinatra #franksinatralive
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