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Al Fresco Collection - DVD IV 105.21 PAL (Al Fresco-unicrayon)

There are a few DVDs in this collection ... Since they've already been cut into handy DVD size chunks and there's a few interesting clips on every DVD, we thought we'd seed them without looking for upgrades or removing clips that appear in other collections.

The quality is very good for all these clips and they were collected by Al Fresco and passed on to me for branding & seeding and hopefully there'll be some you've never seen before :)

1987 03 05 Nightlife w/ David Brenner Interview announcing Jazz From Hell, G-Spot Tornado & The Synclavier [15.46]

1991 07 21 Canadian TV, The New Music - BTB Release Interview [10.08]

1991 08 31 ITV, UK - Raw Power: Interview [6.24]

1991 10 24 The Learning Channel: Your Vote - Narrated by FZ [27.25]

1992 07 21 Yellow Shark Press Conference, Frankfurt (1st gen private footage) Chapters at start & end of FZ's question session [45.19]

Collected by: Al Fresco
art & design - unicrayon with some help from Michelangelo Buonarroti
Intro music: Ed Palermo Big Band (Grand Wazoo & Finale)

Unicrayon's notes: All clips were separated and the audio volume was adjusted on the Frankfurt Press Conference clip - The clips were not rejoined but play consecutively forever until you use the menu button, so don't fall asleep!


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