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Al Fresco Collection - DVD V 16.28 PAL (Al Fresco-unicrayon)

There are a few DVDs in this collection ... This one is a definite upgrade to the version we've had here for years.

The quality is very good and was collected by Al Fresco and passed on to me for branding & seeding :)

1963 03 04 The Steve Allen Show [16.28]

Collected by: Al Fresco
art & design - unicrayon with some help from Michelangelo Buonarroti
Intro music: Ed Palermo Big Band (Grand Wazoo & Finale)

Unicrayon's notes: The first version is Al Fresco's original. The second version is a tidy up of the footage I did for myself. I'd hoped it would look much better, but it's only a little better .. then I decided since the work was done we could all have it.
So, here's the method ... de-interlaced the footage, resized it to take the video transfer lines out of the frame, made it black and white, adjusted the highlights and shadows and saved out as an MPEG.


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