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Al Fresco Collection - DVD VII 28.59 PAL (Al Fresco-unicrayon)

There are a few DVDs in this collection ... I thought this one should be seeded as a stand alone DVD then if an upgrade appears, it's easy to remove from the tracker.

The quality is very good and was collected by Al Fresco and passed on to me for branding & seeding and hopefully there'll be something you've never seen before :)

1992 09 17 Premier TV: 25 Jahre Extravaganza
Shown during an intermission during a broadcast of The Yellow Shark in Frankfurt.

Collected by: Al Fresco
art & design - unicrayon with some help from Michelangelo Buonarroti
Intro music: Ed Palermo Big Band (Grand Wazoo & Finale)

Unicrayon's notes: A shorter version of an Austrian TV version.

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