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Frank Zappa
3 Dec 1967, Fifth Dimension, Ann Arbor, MI (Grp.Eq.Jff.archive-Musigny23)

This is an alternate source to:
1967 12 03 Ann Arbor 44.10 SBD (WIU2B-LudzNL-fl) speed corrected

After careful examination of source material and the recordings themselves it's been determined that this is the complete version of what is available of this performance. Big Leg Emma amd King Kong, widely booted and traded as the first two songs are thought to be from 1969 08 08. They are not from this date and place.

At this time it is believed that this is most likely the correct date and place of this recording, there remains a possibility that it's not.

track list:
01 - (in progress)Improv > 01:13.24
02 - America Drinks And Goes Home > 02:06.03
03 - Hungry Freaks Daddy > 03:40.08
04 - King Kong > 15:23.30
05 - Status Back Baby (cuts) 00:52.07

23:14.73 minutes sdbd (sort of)

The Mothers Of Invention(the presumed lineup on this):
FZ--guitar and vocals
Ray Collins--vocals and tambourine
Don Preston--keyboards
Ian Underwood--keyboards and woodwinds
Bunk Gardner--woodwinds
Motorhead--baritone sax
Roy Estrada--bass and vocals
Jimmy Carl Black--drums
Art Tripp--drums

In the late fall Billy Mundi leaves the band and his place is taken by Art Tripp, who is thought to be playing on this.

Download this bootleg here
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