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Friday Night improv

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It's most likely a PG backing track and I had a go through a Fender Princeton Reverb mic'd up with an SM57. I love that old amp.

Thanks for checking it out.


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Kickin butt for a lazy friday nite Serg..... Really gave me something to listen to after all day at the store and all nite on the bench.... Thanks for posting it.
:toothless Ah too sweet man!
sweet tone goin on!! Good Job!!!
3 fingers that was BAD dude.....just BAD ASS .......loved the tone and your flow and control!!!
Very tasty stuff, bro!!! Killer tone!!!!:jam: Exlnt jam!!!!:woot:
Awesome jam man has a nice flow to it . The mic"d amp sounds great you just can"t beat the sound of an old amp IMO.
sweet singing tone to go along with sweet singing slick playin!
WoW damnnnnnn that was excellent Serg... this one is a keeper for sure, loved the tone, the feel, the whole mood was set perfectly:icon_thum
WOW! At first I thought this was a Richard Marx tune (briefly) with the first few notes :)
Great playing 3F! I REALLY dug this a lot. :icon_thum Your playing on this is top shelf, man.
I have a list of about 20 people on this board whose posts I try not to miss cuz I know I am always in for a treat. I won't state where you fall on that list but you are indeed on it :lol:
LOL...thanks Pete! Also thanks guys for checking it out and offering your comments.
It's just that I hadn't put anything down guitar-wise for a while and wanted to play...and when those moments come..Cool Edit is always on just in case.

The guitar was a 77 Ibanez 2218 on the stock rhythm pickup (Flying Fingers Super 80)and an old Maestro echoplex along with the mentioned gear. That guitar is such a value at $500!!! 24 frets, ebony neck.
Toot Sweet!!! Souds awesome
I don't often hear our guitar playing, not only are you a great singer but a great player too. You have a nice and tasty style.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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