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Frozen Ghost-Live Ottawa '92 (ex SHERIFF,Great Canuck AOR)

Ottawa,Ontario,May 16th,1992

01.Something to Say
02.Swing to the Rhythm
03.Pauper in Paradise
04.Round and Round
05.Shine on Me
06.Should I See
07.Head Over Heels
09.Shake Your Spirit
10.Soldiers Cry
11.So Strange
12.End Of The Line
13.Doin' That Thing
14.A Hard Day's Night (Beatles cover)
15.This Could Be The Last Time

Frozen Ghost:

Wolf Hassel;bass, vocals
Arnold Lanni:vocals, guitar,keys
John McCarthy:keyboards
John Bouvette:drums
Pierre Bordeleau:guitars

artwork included,enjoy:biggthump

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I have their debut tape and I have been looking for a digital copy with no luck. Might have to do this for the next best thing!! Thanks!

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For some reason, it gets to 65% loaded and stops. I have tried to upload it 3 times and it has done the same thing everytime. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks again.
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