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I have 3 modded Marshall heads. I bought all of these new and they are still in new condition with VERY LITTLE play time. The David Bray Plexi I received January 09. The Voodoo JCM2000 TSL-100 I received December 08. The Voodoo Vintage Modern. I have invested $2700 in each amp. They have never left my smoke free home studio. I own 9 amps so as you can imagine none of them has many hours on them.
I am selling each of them for $2300.
The Vintage Modern can also be bought as a matching Half Stack - $2800
Prices do not include Shipping or PayPal fees. No PayPal fee if paid using eCheck, Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash in Person.

1. Marshall 1987x Plexi modded by David Bray with his Mod/Rework I. I added all of these options... Master Volume, Channel 2 Dual-Sound, Vintage/Hot Switch, "Fat Pot" Adjustable High-cut, Soft Attack Control, and Harmonic Switch. You can go to his website to see the uses of these options:

I had this amp modded for AC/DC and Van Halen Brown Sound. Here is a link to a clip this amp is directly built after:

2. Marshall JCM 2000 TSL-100 modded by Trace at Voodoo Amps. It has their Jose High Gain Platinum Mod with the Mercury Magnetics Transformers. THIS THING ROCKS. THINK ZAKK WYLDE or RANDY RHODES. This one has about 1-2 hours play time on it at the most. Here is a link to Voodoo site for details on mod:

3. Marshall Vintage Modern modded by Trace at Voodoo Amps with their Platinum Mod. Here is the link for these mods:





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I've been asked what I would trade for. To help you out I've generated a list.
That's a hard one since I don't NEED anything. Things I really like, but won't limit it to these are:

Suhr Badger 30

PRS 513 Brazilian
Modern Eagle's
Custom 24 20th Anniversary
Custom 24
Tremonti II

Tom Anderson's with Even Taper Neck

McNaught Guitars

Would like to try a Nash Guitar for some reason

Splawn QuickRod or Nitro

Diamond Spec Op or Phantom? Never tried one.

Ibanez RG3520ZH (ONLY)

Gibson Zakk Wylde V

2009 Jackson "Pablo" Custom Shop Soloist Black with Orange Inlays

1962 Vintage Fender Strat

HMM, I guess that's about all I can think of off the top of my head. Does that help any? I'm always open to suggestions.

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