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Most prices are not firm so make a fair cash or trade offer. PM or email [email protected] for pics or to make an offer.

80's DOD FX90 Analog Delay (needs work) - $30.00
This analog delay is one of the better pedals. Not a tone sucker. Needs a new switch and a new pot. Missing batter cover but it's on the back and can be taped in.

80's Ibanez SM9 Super Metal distortion pedal (needs work) - $65.00
This is THE distortion pedal to have! It is absolutely badass! Other SM9's go on ebay for $150 - $250 on average. It can dial in any type of distortion from 808 to TS9 to insane gain. Pretty sure it only needs the switch cleaned and a battery cover. Check out the vids on youtube of what this pedal can do. Still a deal at this price.

Series10 Bass Flanger - $15.00
Sounds good and in great shape. I just don't use a flange effect when playing bass.

Ibanez Soundtank FL5 Flanger - $35.00
Sounds much like the Boss BF-2 Flanger.

1971 Univox U-1226 65 Watt Jeff Beck Head - $300.00
Want the warmth and sound of a plexi but don't want to pay the price of it or have it rip your head off every night? Get this and it will solve your problems. Switchable 16 or 8 ohms. Head is class A with trem and reverb. Has reverb adjustment pot. Separate volume controls for Input 1 and Input 2. Jump the inputs and dig tone boost. Pedal for reverb and trem not included. This amp sells for $350 - $450 on ebay. Make all your tone dreams come true.

Hartke 1415 Bass Amplifier - $250.00
4 ohms, 140 solid state watts into a 15" speaker. Light combo that is great for the gigging or practicing musician. Excellent cosmetic shape and still sounds low, tight and punchy. This amp has toured the country a couple times and has held up at small club stages and arenas as well. Lots of different tones and lots of power in a portable package. At one point I pulled the head and used it to push an early 70's Ampeg 4 x 10 (which sounded great). This amp sounds good at low and high volumes. Hartke logo removed and screen painted white. Will repaint black and replace logo if desired.

Rocktron GAP 1 - $150.00
This rackmount unit has 2 channels of awesome! Great distortion sounds. No pedal. I kind of don't want to get rid of this.

2 Celestion G12s-50 Speakers - $35.00 each or both for $65.00
Smaller magnet Celestions. These sound great in Fender combos in combination with the stock speakers on their own. Also sound good in closed back cabs. A little more bass-y and less highs for Celestion speakers.

Ovation 12 String Electric/Acousic - $200.00
In pretty good shape. Onboard EQ. Fun guitar to play. Holds tune well. Sounds good acoustic or through a PA. Only used for studio work.

Alesis Wedge - $80.00
Adjustable Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange plates in a desktop format. Easy to use and easy to adjust unit for studio, desktop or live rigs. Can do overall pre or post effects for recording, smooth effects for house or run through an effects loop for your live rig.
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