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So, I have a Macbook, a Yeti mic, and the desire to host live podcasts from a main 'hall', but also be able to do remote podcasts from concerts or other home/band hall locals.


-What sort of camera should I go with (small camcorder, or larger boom-mic shoulder version)?

-What program should I employ to put the video images together with the audio I capture with my Yeti, to podcast?

-Are there any webhosts that offer better reliability, in the way of clean streaming?


I am not a musician, but I enjoy live music, and while I have no desire to ever be on stage, I do enjoy helping good musicians to be heard. I am more of a behind the scenes producer/distributer sort.

What I'd really like to do is build or develop an inexpensive technique or manner of entry onto the world wide web, for all the garagebands of the world. Maybe such a 'package' already exists, in which case, I just want to begin a few grassroots operations.

So, does anyone here have any experience, knowledge, or helpful suggestions that can put me on the path?

My next purchase will be my camera. I am 'leaning' toward a used something like this. That said, I could get 2 of something like this.

Would it be possible to do multiple angle podcasting, so that a watcher at home could decide where they sat, for the concert? (One camera being front row center, while another is located on an upper balcony overlooking the whole venue.)

Any thoughts?
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