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Gates Of steel with Vocals

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wanna give great thanks to linda for putting vocals on this track. You really brought this track to life Linda! Thanks again!:icon_thum
steelllll.mp3 (3.17 MB)
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This is Brilliant Linda and Scott....well done to you both :thumb: :rock:
oh yeah!!! now this rocks! :thumb:
Thankyou Missy and Goport!:icon_thum
Killer track u2!!!! Awesome collab!!!:woot:
This was killa, aweosme job you two!!:icon_thum :icon_thum
Killa job guys!..This was rockin!!:icon_thum
Thanks alot Robbie,, Jimmy,, and Mandy! Glad you checked it out!:thumb:
Thanks guys, I think Scott did a fantastic job on the backing!! Thanks Scott for including me in this one i enjoyed doing it:icon_thum :icon_thum
Way to go AGAIN Scott,,Great Vocals Linda!
Really unique piece of work. The song choice is cool and the arrangement is definitely your own. It doesn't automatically sound like a cover song and neither of you upstages the other's performance, which is a sign of true collaboration. Is there another track on the way??
Gr8 job both. Good mix i thought. Vox and gtr very tight.:drunk:
Thanks alot Sling,, Ksdb,, and flair! appreciate you all hearing this. Ks,, I hope that Linda would like to do another soon in the future as well. I Know I am up for it.:thumb:
i never heard the original of this, but this fckin rocks:jam: scott you did a great job on this and linda, what can i say.. you rock girl:rock: :devilchil
Thankyou !! Ksdb. Don, Flair....... Scott did a great job on the backing :thumb:
Great job Linda and Scott . I musta missed this one till now . :icon_thum
Thanks alot Zeppy! :icon_thum
Linda and Scott, awesome job on the vocals and backing.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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