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Genesis - Rare Tapes 1970 - 1998 (5 CD Bootleg Box Set)

Format :Losless .flac Files | Artwork : Included | Size : 1.5GB | Year : 1999 | Duration :291:59 mins

Tracklisting :

Disc One: 1970-1972 59:39
01 Looking For Someone (2/22/70) 07:13
02 The Light (3/7/71) 10:27
03 Twilight Alehouse (2/26/72) 06:15
04 Harlequin (3/4/72) 02:50
05 Bye Bye Johnny (4/14/72) 08:59
06 Happy The Man (4/18/72) 03:47
07 Going Out To Get You (4/18/72) 04:24
08 One-Handed Drum Solo (6/28/72) 02:55
09 Can-Utility And The Coastliners (8/20/72) 07:25
10 Seven Stones (8/22/72) 05:24

Disc Two: 1972-1975 62:57
01 Supper's Ready (11/18/72) 24:02
02 Harold The Barrel (1/20/74) 04:06
03 Horizons (5/4/74) 01:54
04 Watcher Of The Skies (1/24/75) 08:16
05 It (1/24/75) 04:55
06 The Musical Box (1/24/75) 11:22
07 The Waiting Room (5/2/75) 08:22

Disc Three: 1977-1978 60:23
01 Lillywhite Lillith/The Waiting Room/Wot Gorilla (01/01/77) 06:24
02 All In A Mouse's Night (01/02/77) 06:23
03 Inside And Out (06/24/77) 07:44
04 Down And Out (06/07/78) 06:20
05 Supper's Ready (From Apocalypse In 9/8) (06/14/78) 09:23
06 Ballad Of Big (07/29/78) 06:26
07 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (07/29/78) 08:24
08 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/Musical Box (Closing Section) (10/13/78) 09:19

Disc Four: 1980-1984 54:24
01 Back In NYC (29/06/1980) 04:54
02 Me And Virgil (27/09/1981) 07:14
03 Like It Or Not (30/11/1981) 05:16
04 The Knife (23/12/1981) 04:14
05 No Reply At All (22/08/1982 - Featuring Phenix Horns) 05:59
06 Paperlate (22/08/1982 Featuring Phenix Horns) 03:49
07 11th Earl Of Mar / Squonk / Firth Of Fifth (11/10/1983) 11:11
08 11th Earl Of Mar / Behind The Lines / Firth Of Fifth / Musical Box (17/01/1984) 11:47

Disc Five: 1986-1998 54:36
01 In The Cage / ...In That Quiet Earth / Supper's Ready (10.15.86) 20:38
02 Mama (05.09.92) 06:53
03 Carpet Crawlers (10.23.92) 06:02
04 Nowhere Else To Turn (Unreleased B-Side) 04:33
05 Small Talk (12.13.97) 05:33
06 Thats All (01.23.98) 04:54
07 Hold On My Heart (01.29.98) 06:03

Explanation Of The Rarity Of These Live Tracks :

Genesis - Genesis Rare Tapes 1970-1998

CD 1

01. Looking For Someone (1970-02-22)

An early classic of the band, this song was never performed live after theTrespass tour. Taken from a BBC "live in the studio" recording, this is one of the earliest live Genesis recordings in known existance. Recorded in London, UK.

02. The Light (1971-03-07)

The only known recording of this song, "The Light" would eventually develop into "Lillywhite Lilith," as well as parts of "The Colony of Slippermen" from "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway." This song was perhaps the first Genesis song to have lyrics written by Phil Collins. Recorded at the Woluve in LaFerme, Belgium.

03. Twilight Alehouse (1972-02-26)

A early classic that was was written before Trespass (actually, a small bit can be heard on "From Genesis To Revelation") this song was never officially released until the "Selling England By The Pound" period, despite being a staple of the early live set. Recorded at the Civic Hall in Dunstable, UK.

04. Harlequin (1972-03-04)

Although not performed often, "Harlequin" was sometimes used to open Nursery Cryme tour shows (when "Happy The Man" was not). Recorded at the Technical College in Watford, UK.

05. Bye Bye Johnny (1972-04-14)

One of the rare examples of Genesis performing songs before released on an album, "Bye Bye Johnny" is acutally an early version of the "Foxtrot" song "Can-Utility And The Coastliners." Recorded at the Palasport in Pavia, Italy.

06. Happy The Man (1972-04-18)

"Happy The Man" was another often-performed song that was never released on an album. This recording is one of the better quality recordings of Nursery Cryme tour shows. Recorded at the Piper Club in Rome, Italy.

07. Going Out To Get You (1972-04-18)

Cut from "Trespass" to make room for "The Knife," "Going Out To Get You" is another song written possibly as early as the "From Genesis To Revelation" period. However, unlike "Twilight Alehouse," "Going Out To Get You" was only sparingly performed live by the band. Recorded at the Piper Club in Rome, Italy.

08. One-Handed Drum Solo (1972-06-28)

Serving the same function as Peter's now-famous stories, the One-Handed Drum Solo was a time-filler when instruments required tuning or repair. "...Phil Collins went to Russia to study under a famous spastic..." Recorded at the Town Hall in Watford, UK.

09. Can-Utility And The Coastliners (1972-08-20)

"Can-Utility" was originally in the standard Foxtrot tour setlist, but it was dropped relatively early in the tour. Recorded at the Piper 2000 Club in Via Reggio, Italy.

10. Seven Stones (1972-08-22)

During the band's early years, one of the only areas that actually liked Genesis was Italy. Because of their loyalty to the band, Genesis often rewarded the Italian fans with some rare songs; this performance of "Seven Stones" is an example of this. This recently-uncovered recording (the complete song) was recorded at the Teatro Alcione in Genova, Italy.

CD 2

01. Supper's Ready (1972-11-18)

"Supper's Ready" was and is perhaps the definitive early-Genesis classic. This is the earliest known live recording of the song. Recorded at Imperial College in London, UK.

02. Harold The Barrel (1974-01-20)

"Harold The Barrel" was only occassionally performed on the Selling England By The Pound Tour (and not very often at all!) This recording is from the Palasport in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

03. Horizons (1974-05-04)

Only occasionally performed live by the band as an intro to "Supper's Ready," "Horizons" was perhaps the only Genesis song entirely composed by Steve Hackett. Recorded at the Academy of Music in New York City, USA, at the second to last show of the Selling England By The Pound Tour.

04. Watcher Of The Skies (1975-01-24)

While every Lamb tour show had "The Musical Box" as an encore, second encores were much rarer. "Watcher Of The Skies" was only occassionally performed as a second encore on the Lamb Tour. Recorded at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, USA. This song and the next two are the only tracks from the January 24, 1975 Lamb show that were not released on the official box set "Genesis Archives Vol. 1: 1967-1975."

05. It (1975-01-24)

This track was apparently, according to the band, was "left off" their tapes of the Shrine show. In its place on the box set, a new studio recording of the song was included. Recorded at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, USA.

06. The Musical Box (1975-01-24)

The third track from the Shrine show that was not released on the boxset. "The Musical Box" was performed at every Lamb show as an encore. Recorded at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, USA.

07. The Waiting Room (1975-05-02)

During the final leg of the Lamb tour in Europe, Genesis would often perform rather long versions of "The Waiting Room." Perhaps the best example of a Genesis song comprised of jamming, this track was recorded at the Hippodrome in Birmingham, UK.

CD 3

01. Lillywhite Lilith-The Waiting Room-Wot Gorilla (1977-01-01)

Taken from the first show of the Wind and Wuthering tour, and Chester Thompson's first show with Genesis, this is the only Genesis performance of Wot Gorilla. Additionally, this is the only performance of Phil Collins singing "Lillywhite Lilith." Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London, UK.

02. All In A Mouse's Night (1977-01-02)

This recording is from the second show of the Wind and Wuthering tour. "All In A Mouse's Night" was only performed on the first European leg of the tour. Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London, England.

03. Inside And Out (1977-06-24)

Perhaps one of the best quality unofficial live recordings of Genesis in the 1970s, this recording is from a radio broadcast. Another rare example of a non-album song being performed live, this recording is from Earl's Court in London, UK. This show was Steve Hackett's second-to-last UK perfomance with Genesis.

04. Down And Out (1978-06-07)

On the ...And Then There Were Three... tour, "Down And Out" was only performed occasionally. This recording is from the Scandanavium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

05. Supper's Ready (from Apocalypse in 9/8) (1978-06-14)

Although rehearsed from the tour, this recording was the band's only
performance of "Supper's Ready" on the ...And Then There Were Three... tour. This recording is from the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany.

06. Ballad Of Big (1978-07-29)

Another song from "...And Then There Were Three..." that was only performed rarely, this recording is from Madison Square Garden in New York City, USA.

07. I Know What I Like (1978-07-29)

Taken from the same show as the previous track, a special guest joined Genesis for this performance; Peter Gabriel came out to duet with Phil Collins on the final encore of this show. Recorded at Madison Square Garde in New York City, USA.

08. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight-Musical Box (closing section) (1978-10-13)

Another high-quality recording, this is one of the rare recordings of Phil Collins singing more than just the beginning of "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight." An almost-complete version of the song, this recording is from a radio broadcast. Recorded at the Uptown Theater in Chicago, USA.

CD 4

01. Back In N.Y.C. (1980-06-29)

Although used to open some of the shows at the very beginning of the Duke Tour, "Back In N.Y.C." was quickly dropped from the set. However, the band fittingly surprised the audience when they pulled this song out as the first encore at the second-to-last show of the Duke Tour. Recorded in (of course!) New York City, USA, at Madison Square Garden.

02. Me And Virgil (1981-09-27)

Another rare example of a non-album song being performed live, Me and Virgil was only performed at the first two shows of the Abacab tour, in Spain. This recording is from the second show of the tour. Recorded at Velodromo Anoeta in San Sebastian, Spain.

03. Like It Or Not (1981-11-30)

This recording is one of only two known live recording of Genesis performing "Like It Or Not." Recorded at the Capital Center in Landover (outside Washington, D.C.), USA.

04. The Knife (1981-12-23)

The most recent (excluding the reunion show) performance of this Genesis classic, this recording is from the last show of the Abacab tour. Recorded at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

05. No Reply At All (Phenix Horns) (1982-08-22)

While performed regularly on the Abacab tour, "No Reply At All" was performed only three times on the Three Sides Live Tour. However, all three performances featured the Phenix horns, who played on the original version of the song. This recording is from the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York City, USA.

06. Paperlate (Phenix Horns) (1982-08-22)

One of only 3 live performances of this song by Genesis, all of them with the Phenix Horns, this song is from the same show as the previous track. Recorded at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York City, USA.

07. Eleventh Earl Of Mar-Squonk-Firth Of Fifth (1983-11-10)

The Mama tour signified a new change for Genesis; for the first time, a medley of older songs was performed that did not have "In The Cage" (this medley was in addition to the "Cage" medley). The Mama tour also featured the most recent performances of "Squonk" (unless the rumours that it was performed on the Invisible Touch Tour are true...) This appears to be from the fifth show of the Mama tour, but the date is incorrect; the first show of the Mama tour was on November 6, 1983. This appears to likely be from November 10, 1983 instead (written 10-Nov-83 in European format). Assuming it is November 10, it was recorded at the Mecca Arena in Milwaukee, USA.

08. Eleventh Earl Of Mar-Behind The Lines-Firth Of Fifth-Musical Box (1984-01-17)

Another of the "old songs medleys" from the Mama tour, this medley included "Behind The Lines" and "The Musical Box", which replaced "Squonk." "Behind The Lines" was performed for only 8 shows before being replaced by "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Recorded at McNichols Arena in Denver, USA.

CD 5

01. In The Cage-In That Quiet Earth-Supper's Ready (1986-10-15)

One of the more popular "In The Cage" medleys, this medley included a complete version of "...In That Quiet Earth" and the end of "Supper's Ready" (from Apocalypse in 9/8). This recording is taken from a King Biscuit Flower Hour recording. Recorded at the Los Angeles Forum in Los Angeles, USA.

02. Mama (1992-05-09)

Only rarely performed on the We Can't Dance Tour, "Mama" was dropped after the first few shows of the tour. It was also one of only two songs from the tour that were not released officially by the band. Recorded at the Astrodome in Houston, USA.

03. Carpet Crawlers (1992-10-23)

Phil Collins had wanted to perform "Carpet Crawlers" on the We Can't Dance tour but was outvoted by Mike and Tony; the song was only performed once on the tour. It is also the second of only two songs performed on the tour that were not released officially. This version of "Carpet Crawlers" was recorded at the first "club" gig of the We Can't Dance Tour. Recorded at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, UK.

04. Nowhere Else To Turn (unreleased b-side) 1997

Perhaps the only example of an unreleased song from one of Genesis' recording sessions reaching the public, "Nowhere Else To Turn" was the one track left off the "Not About Us" CD single. 3 other songs from the "Calling All Stations" sessions were chosen for the single, but "Nowhere Else To Turn" was left off.

05. Small Talk (1997-12-13)

While Genesis rehearsed "Small Talk" for the Calling All Stations tour, it was never performed at any of the regular shows on the tour. This recording, for a pre-tour warm-up show, remains the only live performance of the song ever. Recorded at RTL Studios in Paris, France.

06. That's All (1998-01-23)

Another example of a song being rehearsed but not being performed on the regular Calling All Stations Tour, this recording remains the only live performance of "That's All" with Ray Wilson on vocals. Recorded at Bray Studios in London, UK.

07. Hold On My Heart (1998-01-29)

"Hold On My Heart" was rehearsed and played at pre-tour warm-ups, but was quickly dropped after the start of the Calling All Stations tour. This recording is taken from the first regular show of the Calling All Stations Tour. Recorded at the Sports Hall in Budapest, Hungary.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17

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Wow, this is just amazing! Thanks so much!

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I am so exctied to hear all this. I have no idea how to use flac files. can someone please help me on this
I play all .flac files in Foobar2000
Its an excellent media player, plays absolutely every audio and video format there is really- tiny download too.

Download it here:


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thank you all very much i will do this over the weekend. are flac files better??
.flac files are 'lossless', there is no loss of sound quality, whereas .mp3 files are 'lossy' ie. there is some loss of sound quality depending on the rate of compression which is quantified by the bit rate, such as 192kbps (kilo bits per second) or 320kbps.....although if your ears can tell the difference between 320kbps .mp3's and any form of lossless files regardless of your audio equipment, then you are most likely a member of the canine family (a hound maybe?) long as you can play and enjoy the music i wouldn't worry about it....we all have knobs...(volume buttons).:icon_peac

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i want to be able to move them to itunes. i have been to both web sites people suggested and i still have no clue as to how to comvert them then move them to itunes to move to my ipod.

1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper

This is a great little program for converting all types of music files including. flac to .mp3
Its quicker and simpler to use than ANYTHING else i've ever tried.

1st Multiformat Converter and CD Ripper easily rips audio CDs and converts between the most popular audio file formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, MPC, WAV. You can adjust the bit rate and frequency, get song titles from FreeDB, create a playlist after the file processing.

The software offers a pre-conversion mode; it enables you to get a 10-seconds converted sample to evaluate the final outcome. The converted files keep all ID3Tags data. Version 5.4 build 161 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.



Step 1: Unzip the contents of the .rar file giving you >>>

- 'multiformat_converter.exe' (program)
- '1st.multiformat.converter.&.cd.ripper.5.5.(build. 162)-patch.exe' (patch)
- 'snd.nfo' (.nfo file)
- 'snd.nfo.viewer.exe' (.nfo file viewer)

Step 2: Install the program
Step 3: Copy the patch, .nfo file & .nfo file virewer into your installation directory (normally CProgram Files\1st Multiformat Converter)
Step 4: Run (double click) the patch
Step 5: Run the application.

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