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RRPSAE01 visit (Please Weed)

Progressive Rock Remaster Project Special Anniversary Edition 01

The Forum, Montreal, Quebec;
June 19, 1980


1-1. Deep In The Motherlode 5:28
1-2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (intro) 1:52
1-3. Squonk 8:30
1-4. One For The Vine 13:05
1-5. Behind The Lines/ 5:39
1-6. Duchess/ 6:37
1-7. Guide Vocal 1:30
1-8. Turn It On Again 5:08
1-9. Duke's Travels/ 7:23
1-10. Duke's End 1:55
1-11. Story of Two Characters 2:41
1-12. The Lady Lies 6:21
1-13. The Roadie's Smoke Story 1:41
2-1. Ripples 11:48
2-2. Misunderstanding 3:52
2-3. In The Cage/ 7:38
2-4. The Colnoy of Slippermen/ 1:06
2-5. Afterglow 4:42
2-6. Follow You Follow Me 4:15
2-7. Dance On A Volcano/ 4:41
2-8. Drum Duet/ 1:16
2-9. Los Endos 7:32
2-10. I Know What I Like 12:59
2-11. 19th June 1980 CHOM-FM Interview with Tony Banks 12:00

A Week-End To Remember!

June 19th, 1980! I remember that day as clearly as if it was yesterday! Genesis, my favourite band, were to play in Montreal that night for the first time in almost two years. Sitting alone in the living room of my parents' house, I was listening to the radio, CHOM-FM to be more precise, hoping to catch some news about the forthcoming performance. Suddenly, the answer to my prayer! The radio announcer, who’s name I have forgotten with time, gladly reports that Tony Banks of Genesis will be coming in later for a pre-show interview. My heart starts to beat faster as I scramble through my huge stack of cassette tapes, trying to find one with enough free space to record the event. With my finger standing by the ‘record’ button, my eyes staring at the table where my very own ticket for the second night’s show lies, I anxiously await Tony’s arrival on the air. But the man is late, caught in heavy traffic somewhere. “Patience, my friend !”, I start telling myself. “The man will be there soon enough!”

As I sit and wait, I can’t help but think of how big a week-end this is going to be in Montreal. The summer is just starting, the province of Quebec’s National Holiday is just around the corner (June 24th), school’s out for everybody and Genesis are in town for two nights! What a way to start the summer!

Tomorrow, June 20th, I will travel to Montreal to see the second night’s performance at the Forum. Meanwhile, at Olympic Stadium, boxers Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard will come head to head in one of the most talked about fights in the history of the sport. Very big week-end start indeed!

“Tony Banks has arrived!”, a voice says, pulling me from my inner thoughts. I push the button to start the recording and closely listen to Tony’s interview. When it is all over, I turn off the radio and put my “Duke” LP on the old turn table. Leaning back
in my chair with my hands behind my head, I begin to daydream again about the Genesis concerts, about how much I regret not having tickets for tonight’s show as well. “Well!”, I start to think, “I may never get to hear tonight’s performance, but what I will see and hear tomorrow night, no-one will ever be able to take away!” I didn’t know it at the time, but on that blessed day in Montreal, June 20th 1980, I would buy a copy of a fantastic new book about Genesis, written by a guy named Armando Gallo. Minutes later, while waiting for the Forum doors to open, I came face to face with ... Armando Gallo! What I also didn’t know at the time was that,
after some 24 years, I would finally get to hear the June 19th performance, which I had missed, on this great album you are now holding. Hidden for years, this amazing soundboard recording has now surfaced. We at PRRP are mighty proud to bring it to you as a way to celebrate our 1st Anniversary!
PRRP Staff

Notes from the Re-Master

This Genesis show was provided as a .SHN format soundboard recording. The quality is quite good with music signal up to 13,000 Hz but hiss and other sources of noise were found to be a major problem. Hiss was reduced using a number of different techniques as the characteristic of this noise changed between the music and dialogue sections of the show. Miss-tracking errors were found and corrected during the re-tracking process. Numerous clicks, pops and small dropouts were also found and repaired. Detail and “atmospherics” were enhanced as much as possible. Two patches were needed to fill gaps within the show. Another soundboard recording from this same 1980 tour was used for this purpose to match the feel and style as closely as possible. The other major problem with the show was the speed and pitch of the recording. The original version was clearly off both pitch and speed. Fixed time segments within the show were calculated and compared with other similar shows and the studio versions of the songs. Different speed and
pitch versions were produced and reviewed by the PRRP staff to confirm the best sounding, final version.

The amount of music on each final remaster disc was re-balanced once the decision to use the interview was made. The interview segment came from a cassette tape used to record the radio broadcast. This was generally a good recording but suffered from significant volume fluctuations that needed repair. Commercials and songs presented between the interview segments were removed as well as hiss and a transmission buzz that interfered with the dialogue. Finally, the volume of the interview was matched to the show for a smooth transition.

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