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Gentle Giant 1976-09-16 Olympen Sparta Lund Sweden (T-1401)

This release is sourced from cassette tapes that I got in trade many years ago from a fellow taper / trader. It's an audience recording.

Mics and Recorder unknown >
Cassette >
Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >
Nikko 32 Band EQ >
Akai DR16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder >
HHB CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorder >
CDR > WAV >CD Wave Editor > FLAC

disc 1

1. (intro)
2. Just The Same
3. Proclamation
4. On Reflection
5. Interview
6. The Runaway / Experience
7. So Sincere (including "drum solo)

disc 2

1. Excerpts From Octopus
The Boys In The Band / Knots /
The Advent Of Panurge
2. (band introduction)
3. Funny Ways
4. Timing
5. Free Hand
6. (applause)
7. Peel The Paint / I Lost My Head

I put a song back together and did a slight speed correction.

I did the editing, mastering (tweaking) and analog to digital transfer for this version of this show. Please keep the text file, unaltered, together with the FLAC's.

Don't rename directories or file names if you share this.

Gentle Giant 1976-09-16 Olympen Sparta Lund Sweden (T-1401)

Gentle Giant 1976-09-16 Olympen Sparta Lund Sweden (T-1401).md5
Gentle Giant 1976-09-16 Olympen Sparta Lund Sweden (T-1401).txt
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t01.flac 15.21 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t02.flac 31.25 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t03.flac 32.13 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t04.flac 36.03 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t05.flac 40.19 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t06.flac 57.42 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d1t07.flac 69.85 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t01.flac 90.88 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t02.flac 9.26 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t03.flac 52.57 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t04.flac 58.84 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t05.flac 43.64 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t06.flac 11.83 MB
gg1976-09-16 (T-1401) d2t07.flac 39.88 MB

Please don't alter the sound of this recording. If you want to do something find a better quality recording of the show and work from that. Don't just take what I have worked on and screw with it.

For Trade or Give Away only - Do not Sell - Do not encode as MP3 - MD or any other format which degrades the quality of the recording


There is a cd release of this show on the Glasshouse Records label called Artistically Cryme. The release is semi legit or maybe I should say semi bootleg. I'm not sure if it was given the ok from the band. The quality of Artistically Cryme is considered to be not very good. They even left out the song Free Hand and some applause. I guess they did that so it would fit on one CD. They mispelled some song titles too.

The version I am releasing (T-1401) is from cassette tapes that I got from a fellow taper / trader and is of considerably better quality than that inferior one.


June 20, 2006 T________

All of my other Gentle Giant Uploads are here:
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