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MARCH 5, 1977

It's been a while since I uploaded a GG show here to dime, but I need to share this brand new, never circulated audience gem. The original taper just recently digitized his old cassette and was gracious enough to send me the show as one big wave file. So if you need to thank someone for this, thank Terry!

Quality isn't too bad - very listenable and enjoyable. All I did was add track markers and adjust the overall speed 3%, as it seemed to be running a tad slow. Other than that, it appears here exactly as I received it.

In early 1977, the band did a "co-headlining tour" with Renaissance in the US and eastern Canada, in which the two bands would alternate playong last. On this evening, Renaissance had that privilege, so Giant unfortunately played a slightly truncated set.

When playing last, they would play four brand new, unrecorded songs which would later appear on their MISSING PIECE album. In Akron, however, they only played two, leaving out "As Old As You're Young" and "Winning". Still, this show clocks in at 80mins. 47 secs. which is pretty good, methinks (for those of you who like to burn your shows onto CD, you'll see that's unfortunately just over what fits on one disc.)

01 Intro-The Runaway
02 Experience
03 On Reflection
04 Just the Same
05 Playing the Game
06 Memories of Old Days
07 For Nobody
08 John Weathers Speaks
09 Funny Ways
10 Free Hand
11 Band Introductions
12 Excerpts From Octopus

unknown master cassette ->
digitized to wave files (unknown equipment) ->
add track markers/adjust speed (Audacity) ->
converted to FLAC8 (Trader's Little Helper) ->
torrent and md5 created (Trader's Little Helper) ->
uploaded to dimeadozen

So enjoy the show. And thanks again, Terry!

Feel free to visit my "Gentle Giant Tour History" at


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