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Golden Hall, San Diego, CA
1977-03-30 (March 30th 1977)


Lineage - unknown analog source>CD-R>dBpowerAMP>FLAC level 4>you

(Checked with EAC to ensure that this is not MP3 sourced).


01. The Runaway/Experience
02. On Reflection
03. As Old As You're Young
04. Just The Same
05. Playing The Game
06. Giant intro/Memories Of Old Days
07. Winning (advance version)
08. For Nobody
09. Funny Ways
10. So Sincere


01. Free Hand
02. The Advent Of Panurge

Derek Shulman - vocals, bass guitar, shulberry
Ray Shulman - vocals, bass guitar, violin
Kerry Minnear - vocals, keyboards, cello, vibes
Gary Green - vocals, lead guitar
John Weathers - drums, percussion

Another pretty good audience recording, probably rating a "B" or slightly better. As with the Montreal show I uploaded yesterday, I'm presenting the music exactly as it came to me on CD-r a couple of years ago. There are three mp3 samples to allow you to decide whether to download (though I'd say it's worth the effort!).

Jack Skelly's Gentle Giant Tour History site ( has a short commentary on this gig, one of a series on which Gentle Giant and Renaissance shared the bill. For some shows, Giant played first, but here Jack says "Renaissance opened for Giant.
During the show, Derek commented on the poor reception the band received at its previous San Diego appearance on July 18, 1976. An existing tape of this gig shows that, as an encore, they played The Advent of Panurge by itself, instead of playing the entire Excerpts from Octopus, as was usually
done on this tour. The show was late starting, which was probably the reason. For this same reason, John (Weathers) also shortened his humorous introduction to Funny Ways."

On this tour, Giant played several songs which hadn't yet made it on to vinyl - for the most part, the arrangements that proved most successful on stage were the ones that were used when the band finally tackled them in the studio, and these are the arrangements you'll hear on these recordings. The
exception is "Winning", which differs significantly from the studio version, and which was obviously the subject of further revision prior to the sessions for the Missing Piece album. For Memories Of Old Days, Kerry Minnear here borrows the intro from Giant, something which was later dropped in favour
of a faithful reproduction of the studio version.

This appears to be another GG gig that hasn't been shared here before, so enjoy!


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