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George Harrison
Los Angeles, California
The Forum
November 12, 1974
Soundboard (Incomplete)
Mp3 320kb/s

Set List:
1. Hari's On Tour (LA Express)
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. Something
4. Will It Go Round In Circles [Billy Preston]
5. Sue Me, Sue You Blues
6. Zoon, Zoon, Zoon
7. Naderdani
8. Cheparte (incomplete)
9. Anourag
10. I Am Missing You
11. Dispute And Violence
12. For You Blue
13. Band Introductions
14. Give Me Love
15. In My Life
16. Tom Cat [Tom Scott and the L.A. Express]

Missing: Dark Horse, Nothing From Nothing & Outa-Space (Billy Preston), What Is Life, and My Sweet Lord

This is the ONLY soundboard Harrison concert I have come across from his 1974 tour!! I wish the 5 songs were included but they are out there somewhere. But this is still one of the best and most rare George Harrison bootlegs I have ever seen! Enjoy it :)

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thank you, its funny how sometimes you're just in the mood for something you haven't heard in a long while
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